Sr. Composites Process Engineer (Aerospace) at Vector
Tucson, AZ, US

Job Summary

The Composites Sr. Process Engineer will be required to develop the composites strategy to be able to manufacture all vehicle composites in-house, to support product development and manufacturing, and coordinating with supply chain as needed. They will ensure that all processes and required equipment for all areas are properly defined, procured, implemented and utilized per defined timing plans.  They should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of resin, curing and associated processes.

Key responsibilities

  • Development of total process plan for Vector to manufacture any and all composites in house as needed and supplier development requirements.
  • Strong expertise in design for manufacturability and design for assembly including taking products from developmental design to high-volume production.
  • Establish priorities and effectively manage projects to complete duties/projects within required time.
  • Perform prototyping of parts using various resin mixtures along with various curing methods tracking these methods and quantifying results in order to objectively determine best practices.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by manger to ensure corporate targets are achieved.
  • Experience with Autoclave equipment and processes.     
  • Coordinate & prioritize requests made by all departments in order to ensure cohesiveness within the company in regards to composite component manufacturing, monitoring and improvement, and resident expert in support of
  • Solid understanding of composite layup practices including curing pre-preg's, wet layups, etc..
  • Must be a hands-on problem solver with some basic fabrication skills.
  • Develop, design and build production tooling for composite manufacturing.
  • Work with engineers and product managers to create, implement clear processes required for production associates to repeatedly manufacture composite components with high level of accuracy.
  • Work collaboratively with the design engineering teams towards the completion of design, test and evaluation within Product Development.


Preferred Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering (Aerospace/Materials/Manufacturing/Mechanical / Electrical / Industrial).  Masters preferred.  Structural / Composite analysis experience preferred.
  • Must be able to work under frequent job pressure generated by short and inflexible deadlines        
  • Must be able to work independently and under time constraints

Preferred Experience:

  • 10+ Years of relevant experience in a aerospace operation.
  • Experience within a aerospace engineering design, development and manufacturing environment with demonstrated ability to drive key  targets in aerospace company.
  • Experience driving & steering others to obtain desired results quality within aerospace industry including all aspects of the process.