RFID Product Manager at Fetch Robotics
San Jose, CA, US
Fetch Robotics (North San Jose, California) is seeking smart, energetic, self-starters to grow its product management team.

Responsibilities will include:
  • Solution-level ownership of Fetch’s RFID (“Tag Surveyor”) products, including base robot and FetchCore fleet management software functionality, RFID-specific hardware accessories (e.g., RFID antennas), APIs (application programming interfaces) and other software to integrate with partner/customers, etc.
  • Advocate for development to enhance RFID offerings and oversee the planning, execution, and market launch of that work. Write MRDs (market requirements documents), PDDs (product description documents), do business case analyses, lead cross-functional NPI (new product introduction) teams, etc.
  • Interact with sales, partners and customers/prospects on opportunities, both at HQ and in the field. Convey Fetch Robotics’ value proposition for both shipping products and the roadmap. Lead requirements-gathering discussions where (1) complete and accurate requirements are collected, (2) sales is helped to keep the customer/prospect engaged and (3) accurate expectations are set in the customers’/prospects’ minds regarding feasibility and time frame for meeting their requirements.
  • Collaborate/interface with other functions -- both in “transactional” and ongoing ways -- to completely and successfully introduce new products to market (e.g., engineering, finance, sales, marketing, customer support, manufacturing).
Requirements include:
  • 5+ years working in industrial environments (warehouses, logistics, manufacturing) and/or at an integrator developing/selling/installing/supporting solutions for industrial environments.
  • Significant exposure to RFID technology and use cases, either from the supplier and/or customer side.
  • Experience coordinating the work of two companies to create a joint solution (e.g., communication, specifying / documenting / negotiating detailed requirements, schedule, etc.).
  • Be capable of facilitating decision-making discussions/meetings involving senior people with strongly-held opinions while at the same time keeping the focus on coming to the best decision (versus your personal opinion “winning”).
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn new, complex technical information.
  • Must be comfortable with information technology generally.
  • Must have a strong foundation in business fundamentals (market analysis, customer return on investment analysis, Fetch business case analysis, P&L, etc.).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to concisely articulate complex situations and boil them down to the essential decisions and/or follow-up work needed.