Solutions Architect, Anaplan CoE at Anaplan
Minneapolis, MN, US

In this role, you will assist and advise the business on best practices both from a functional and technical perspective. Your work will ensure a seamless integration of Anaplan applications in to the larger connected planning vision. In doing so, partnering with IT, executive leadership, customers, partners, and other 3rd party organizations in order to best advise multiple lines of business will be integral to the ensured success of the Anaplan CoE.


As a Solutions Architect for the Anaplan CoE, you are primarily responsible for working with the functional teams to advise, design, and develop applications that are in line with the greater Anaplan CoE goals and objectives.

  • Work directly with functional business heads to understand, prioritize, and advise on application focus and rollout.
  • Prepare metrics dashboards and advise executive leadership with data-driven decision making.
  • Work with the Sr. Manager, Anaplan CoE to help prioritization of Anaplan-wide needs and requirements.
  • Building responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Best practices within Anaplan models will include:
    • Optimized user experience and value within all models in production
    • Integrated organization Vision and Strategy in model design
    • Validated model structure and calculation results accuracy
    • Adoption of current platform functionality as released
    • Maintenance of appropriate data access and security
    • Model Performance optimization consistent with other available tools
    • Anaplan resource utilization consistent with best practices that address Workspace utilization, and model maintenance requirements
    • Cross Functional connected operations within all models
    • Support user enablement and training to achieve self-reliance on model development and uses

Position Short term objectives:

  • Technical
    • Implement Single sign-on Federated security over production models
    • Utilize Application Life Cycle (ALM) functionality where appropriate
    • Utilize current best practices for Data integration including ETL tools (HyperConnect), scheduled integrations, data hub(s) for all Anaplan data sources
    • Participate in product development activities
    • Remain current with any new release features/ functions


  • Foundational
    • Utilize “The Anaplan Way” methodology for Anaplan COE governed models
    • Create and execute sprint plans
    • Establish Center of Excellence Governance standards for all models used in a production capacity
    • Organize and participate in COE meetings
    • Support migration to a consolidated and optimized Data Hub
    • Support and advise all internal resources on best practice standards
    • Help enable end users to take ownership of their respective models
    • Advise on best business practices for improved data-driven decision making.
  • Functional
    • Enable and educate all existing lines of business to be self serving in their key production models.
    • Use the Anaplan Way methodology to insure proper adherence to model development in line with connected planning and Anaplan CoE standards.
    • Supervise and support internal and external resources in model build and maintenance activities
    • Monitor and Contribute to Anaplan Community COE content
    • Support showcasing of COE activities externally
    • Ensure all model builds are done utilizing the best in class practices

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