Field Test Engineer – UAV Mission Commander at Airspace
San Leandro, CA, US

Company Description:

Airspace is a rapidly growing technology start-up that develops cutting edge counter unmanned aerial system (cUAS) solutions for a range of clients including corporate entities, law enforcement agencies, and the military.  

The organization leverages rapidly evolving capabilities in autonomous flight to protect people and property from potentially harmful drone activity ranging from wayward hobbyists in urban settings to nefarious actors domestically and abroad.  

Our robotic ‘interceptor drone’ is an apex application of autonomous flight; it physically interdicts, captures, and tows target adversarial drones away for recovery and forensics – all using onboard sensors, computer vision, and machine learning to identify targets, pilot independent interception paths, and capture them without direct human control.


Job Description:

Lead the company’s field testing efforts of its autonomous interceptor drone and support systems (e.g. hangar, detection suite, command center) in order to provide quick development feedback cycles for the hardware and software teams.

Take ownership of the entire testing effort including interfacing with engineering, planning tests, and leading the day-to-day field activities of the flight testing team.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead Field Testing Team:

  • Take initiative and “own” the entire field testing effort – continually review and improve the processes, methods, and tools used by the team during field testing.
  • Train and supervise the field testing team and guide them on the various testing procedures that need to be followed
  • Supervise test activities - provide onsite operational oversight during field tests.  
  • Maintain testing equipment and supplies in safe and good working conditions.
  • Develop standard procedures and best practices for field testing tasks.
  • Evaluate operational performance and recommend improvements if needed.
  • Troubleshoot and debug processes and assists in improving testing infrastructure.
  • Continually monitor the performance and quality of the tests being conducted and ensure that the data produced by the tests is of the highest quality.


Collaborate with Engineering:

  • Interface with the engineering teams (hardware and software) to plan, execute, document, and report on airborne flight tests of Airspace’s autonomous interceptor.  
  • Clear reporting and open communication of test results and system operation/performance to facilitate engineering efforts – work closely with engineering teams to identify and solve problems.
  • Perform root cause analysis to determine reasons for system failures and develop corrective actions.
  • Make recommendations for design improvements at systems level.
  • Actively participate in the entire product development cycle.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for how to improve testing tools and processes.


Plan, Execute, and Document Field Tests:

  • Generate test requirements and implement new test cases and procedures based on field test results.
  • Lead all testing activity, including generating and executing test plans, for verification of system features & performance.
  • Implement various automated tests by using internally-developed testing tools.
  • Record test results accurately - ensure all test records are logged and available for future reference and to produce meaningful metrics for use by engineering and management.
  • Generate test reports and compile all relevant data, information, observations and video once the tests have been conducted. 
  • Document all issues and corrective actions accurately for future references.


Preferred Skills:

  • Reliable, methodical, organized, and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.
  • Team player with an emphasis on transparency and collaboration.
  • Perceptive and personable leader.
  • Adept at quickly understanding technical details (hardware and software).
  • Ability to compile detailed reports on technical issues.
  • Flexible and adaptable to work in a fast paced environment; be able to deliver results even under stressful working conditions. 



  • Experience leading prototype testing efforts including generating detailed test plans and procedures, conducting tests, and documenting results. 
  • Experience working with aircraft and/or UAVs.
  • Experience as a UAV pilot (hobbyist or otherwise).
  • Team leadership of at least 3 direct reports.
  • Field operations experience.


Work Requirement:

  • Significant outdoor field work.
  • Occasional domestic travel for customer field tests. 
  • Some overtime as required to meet project deadlines.



A bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or any other relevant technical field or equivalent professional experience


Working Environment:  You will have access to a fully stocked kitchen, catered lunches and can participate as a team member in Company events and outings. The Company will assign you a workstation and tools as needed and necessary to complete the job, which are Company owned.