Científico de datos Jr at Grin Scooters
Mexico City, MX
En Grin estamos cambiando la manera que se mueve Latinoamérica. Estamos creciendo de una manera nunca antes vista en la región. Buscamos personas extraordinarias que estén emocionadas por enfrentarse a grandes retos en un ambiente dinámico.
Descripción del Roll:
Nuestro analista de datos está encargado de apoyar a las diferentes áreas de trabajo en desarrollar modelos estadísticos que puedan ayudarnos a tomar acción para mejorar procesos, implementar nuevas estrategias y ser preventivos al cambio

Tus responsabilidades incluirán:

    • Prioritize what questions need to be answered first
    • Help out gather important questions from different areas to build out statistical models that can describe behaviours, trends and predict the futre
    • Can help create decision science analysis to propose solutions
    • Can create data products to optimize or automate processes for other teams
    • Maintain our BI tools updated and add any changes needed

Lo que debes tener:

    • Has done at least 5 projects with Python or R
    • Has created at least 5 dashboards to answer a key question in a project
    • She/he knows what are the right questions to ask
    • Attention to detail
    • Starts always with WHY when asking data questions
    • Shows hunger to learn new skills & tools to solve problems
    • Advanced Statistics Knowledge: Understands hypothesis testing (p-value). Understanding of key stat concepts like: mode, mean, standard deviation, statistical distribution types, discrete vs continuous variables, Bayes Theorem, Type i and Type ii errors
    • Has developed at least 1 project with Machine Learning

Nice to haves

    • Has worked in the transportation industry or done any projects related to this industry
    • Superior skills in excel
    • Knows a programming language other than SQL/Python/R
    • Has lead at least 2 projects that include A/B testing or Multivariate analysis
    • Knows SQL

Bonus skills

    • Experience with PostGIS or geospatial analysis
    • Experience with C++ or Java
    • Experience developing and planning data pipelines
    • Has experience with data engineering
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