Consumer Insights and Testing Manager at Stance
San Clemente, CA, US

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Personal Responsibility



These are the values we place above all others. We seek out individuals whose personal constitution of values overlaps with ours. We believe in living these values will bond our teams and create a company culture that our competitors can never duplicate. As a result, we hire and promote the individuals who get results in a way that aligns with our five core company values.

Summary of the Stance Consumer Insights and Testing Manager:

The mission of the Consumer Insights & Testing Manager is to prepare, gather, analyze and present field test results and consumer insight data.

This position reports directly to the Director of Sourcing and Production.


As the Stance Consumer Insights and Testing Manager, you will:

  • Develop the overall product field-testing and consumer insights strategy.
  • Harvest consumer data with maximum integrity, free from testing bias, to create the best information possible.
  • Manage and incentivize internal and external product testers.
  • Solidify and maintain our consumer database both domestically and internationally.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to target, define and solve product performance issues.
  • Present qualitative and quantitative feedback to support our consumer’s point of view.
  • Activate focus groups and consumer feedback events.
  • Continuously benchmark product and provide ongoing competitive analysis.


We are looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications:

  • Entrepreneurial – Passion for learning and continuous improvement. Sets initiatives and assumes tolerable levels of risk without constant direction or leadership.
  • Driven – This position is a huge opportunity for someone to build a relatively new department within the company. Only those who have a strong drive and unparalleled ambition will be considered.
  • Collaborative – Quick to acknowledge the help and contributions of others and quick to give credit for results.
  • Empathetic – Humble in communication and treatment of others. Identifies with the needs of our consumers.
  • Strategic – Sets vision and creates goals to achieve it.  
  • Analytical – Has a knack for assessment of data and information.
  • Honest – Won’t allow human interest to adulterate data.  Stands firm in the commitment to create defect-free information.
  • 2-3+ years of consumer insight/testing experience
  • Proficiency with consumer database software
  • Proven ability to interpret data and present in an objective manner
  • Experience strategizing with consumer centric teams
  • Ability to manage a team with numerous, fast paced, projects moving at the same time.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Education in consumer psychology a major plus