Senior Software Engineer, Front-End at Numina
Brooklyn, NY, US

Numina’s mission is to make cities more responsive, so they are safer, healthier, and more equitable for the people who live in them. We make a hardware and software computer vision platform that senses bicycle, pedestrian, and other street traffic and delivers real-time intelligence — without surveillance — to help urban planners and municipal governments design better streets and public places. We are looking for passionate people to join us as we pursue our shared vision of more responsive cities.

We're looking for a software engineer to help plan, design, and build our user dashboard and other front-end systems. In this role, you will work with the rest of the engineering team to extend, improve and scale our product’s capabilities.

You will be developing the parts of our system that our customers see and interact with. Our sensors collect a tremendous amount of useful, interesting data, and our web dashboard turns that data into meaningful, actionable results for our customers. We’re looking for someone who is both creative and analytical to develop new methods for our customers to visualize, represent, analyze, interpret, and present our data in the dashboard. Some specific challenges you'll take on at first:

•  Design and develop new features, capabilities, and improvements to the dashboard application for visualizing geospatial-temporal data (objects moving through space and time) 
•  Help the data science team develop new visualizations and interactive analytics tools, and work to incorporate them into the dashboard application 
•  Work with other team members to define, build and/or extend tools to support internal processes such as: sensor installation and calibration, image and video annotation, device management and monitoring 
•  Help establish strong habits and practices for efficient, effective, and reliable front-end development, and provide mentorship to less-experienced team members

You have 5+ years of software development experience, especially building the front-end of web applications. Like us, you value creativity, curiosity, and intellectual honesty, and you are committed to solving problems with us together as a team. Your desire to have a huge impact motivates you to do extraordinary things, and you're excited to be one of the earliest members of an incredibly productive, rapidly growing team. Your experience includes at least some of the following, and you can't wait to learn the rest:

•  Developing and deploying stateful single-page web applications using React.js 
•  Programming in JavaScript, including asynchronous programming 
•  Working with GraphQL, especially using Apollo Client 
•  Designing and implementing data and/or geospatial visualizations with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and tools and libraries such as D3,, 
•  Writing automated unit and integration tests, and working with CI/CD pipelines 
•  Using AWS services such as S3, Lambda, and Cognito 
•  Mentoring and coaching junior engineers

We strive to be a team of positive, open-minded, respectful, resilient, dedicated, accountable, logical, creative, and empathetic people. We dedicate our days to building an amazing product that makes a real difference in the world. We love learning from each other and learning new things together. We work together in Brooklyn, New York, and we recognize that everyone's personal life is unique, so our working hours are flexible and so is our work-from-home policy.

Numina is committed to seeking and sustaining diverse perspectives in its team. We encourage women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and others from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

We are backed by investors including betaworks, Shasta Ventures, 500 Startups, URBAN-X (MINI BMW), and notable angels. Past projects have been supported by The Clinton Foundation, The Knight Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. We are a small, mission-driven company that is growing quickly. If you’d like to join our laser-focused and fast-paced team, we enthusiastically invite you to apply.

Please email your resume, a cover letter and any links to your personal website, projects, or GitHub account.