Software Engineer, Backend at Upserve
Boston, MA, US

The Opportunity:

The Software Engineer will architect and scale the backend data processing infrastructure for our analytics, mobile and payments platforms. You will build the network that handles billions of dollars and volumes of restaurant data. You work closely with Product, UX and Dev Ops to coordinate efforts, iterate on features, anticipate future customer needs, and inform the product roadmap. This role reports into Josh Chu, Director of Platform Engineering.
In a typical week at Upserve, you would…
Kick off the week by participating in sprint planning, and discuss relevant topics with engineering peers.
Participate in an Architectural Decision Record to develop a new feature or framework.
Collaborate with our product and UX team to develop backend interfaces and clarify product requirements.
Merge your latest feature that will drive product adoption.
Participate in a blameless postmortem to help improve our application platform.
Present what you shipped this week at our weekly science fair.
Work on some of the most difficult and meaty problems that the company faces.
About the Upserve Platform:
We have an extensive portfolio of products that solve hard problems for our hospitality customers. We help restaurants know what diners want to eat before those diners even know.
Some of the technologies in our stack include React /React Native, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Machine Learning, RedShift, RDS, Aurora, Ruby, JavaScript, Docker, ECS, and have even built our own append-only datastore from the
Our engineering organization aims to minimize the impacts of Conway’s law by organizing into small teams that can drive from concept to production.
About you:
You are humble yet confident, forward-looking but grounded, thorough yet fast-moving -- in short, you are someone whom people want to work with.
Notably, you…
Have 3-5+ years of professional experience in building software
Build correct, well-tested systems and components, driving clarity even given loose direction and requirements.
Take pride in your work and the value that it creates.
Are a pragmatic idealist -- you strive for efficient and practical solutions not just theoretically ideal ones.
Are a believer in moving fast with high quality; Speed and craftsmanship are friends not enemies.
Enjoy talking about user functionality as much as you enjoy talking about functional programming.
Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to get value to our customers, and you tap into that energy to drive, lead and motivate your colleagues to win.
Have worked with server-side frameworks like Ruby on Rails.
Have built, optimized, and scaled real-time, event-driven, fault-tolerant, and distributed systems.
Get excited about statistical methods and algorithms, and know when to choose the right data structure for the right task.
Know when to employ different storage technologies (e.g. relational, simple file-based, graph-based, noSQL)