Product Manager, Data at Upserve
Providence, RI, US
About the Role:
In this role you will provide product management focused on Business Intelligence and Analytics. You’ll work closely with cross-functional internal teams to shape Upserve’s data strategy and to deliver analytics and tools to customers and to the organization. You will be responsible for defining and executing a BI roadmap; creating a foundation of sound data collection and normalization techniques; and identifying opportunities for monetizing data.
Your work:
  • You’ll partner with data science, engineering and other internal teams to identify and prioritize BI needs and opportunities.
  • You’ll work with data development and product management teams to understand Upserve’s data and identify the appropriate datasets for mining.
  • You’ll use Machine Learning techniques such as k-Means clustering, Random Forest, Regressions, SVMs, etc. to build models.
  • You’ll write scripts to automate certain data modeling steps.
  • You’ll deliver and iterate, ensuring that stakeholder needs are met and that stakeholders are benefiting from the products you deliver.
  • Drive decisions on tooling and instrumentation.
  • Ensure a uniform approach to data collection and tagging.
  • Identify opportunities to drive revenue and customer retention through data.


About the product team at Upserve:
We’re a growing team in a growing company. Today, we’re a team of five PMs and one product designer. We each have a specialty but we’re also generalists and we work across all of Upserve’s product. We’re dispersed among our Providence, NYC and San Francisco offices, but we’re very collaborative. We use slack, hangouts and, when appropriate, planes and trains to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of our work and priorities. We use Aha! for planning and Jira for managing dev work. We’re an agile/scrum house and we love working with our 35 partners in engineering. Our interests range from 3-D printing to baking to 4-wheeling. Most of us know our way around a karaoke bar.
About the Product You'll Be Leading
  • Over the last 6 months, Upserve received NPS scores of +43, +65, +55 +52, +72 +80, higher than any other tech firm selling software to small businesses (see our NPS graph).
  • Our business is in hyper growth, doubling since last year, with thousands of restaurant customers. 
  • Our platform has massive data from which to make decisions: we manage over 11 million meals per month and over 16 million active diners (see our recent press release)
  • Our LTV to CAC and our SaaS 'Quick Ratio' both exceed 4 x.
  • Some of the technologies in our stack include React / React NativeKinesisDynamoDBMachine LearningRedShiftRDS, Ruby, JavaScript, DockerECS, and more. 
  • We communicate with customers using tools like TotangoIntercom and Marketo and document our Product Roadmap using things like .
About You:
Above all else, all Upserve employees are united in our shared optimism, passion, and enthusiasm for the customers we support through our innovative product. In our daily work, we exemplify our value of One Team. We also care deeply about the industry we serve. Whether you're a BOH veteran, or simply love the grit and determination of restauranteurs, you need to be able to empathize with our customers. Additionally, you must be results-driven and intrigued by the use of data to inform decisions.  You ought to value a high degree of autonomy and personal impact and manage through ambiguity with ease.
You are as comfortable talking with engineers as you are with customers. You are a leader. You fight for the user! You can walk, chew gum and a bunch of other stuff at the same time (because you've probably stack-ranked these activities ... and if you were to trip, you know which ball would drop). When a new product comes out, you appreciate the decisions and tradeoffs that were made, and ponder alternatives.
  • Demonstrable experience creating complex queries
  • Advanced SQL skills
  • Experience building data models and complex operational dashboards
  • Strong Salesforce skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills; ability to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical parties
Bonus Points for:
- Python and/or Ruby chops
- Experience with tooling and instrumentation (MixPanel, DataDog, SalesForce)
- Cloud and Big Data experience (AWS, Hadoop, Pig, Oozie, Redshift, S3 Kinesis, etc.)
- AWS and database infrastructure knowledge
- Salesforce developer experience
- Experience building complex algorithms