Data Librarian at
Austin, TX, US

As the Data Librarian, you will be responsible for’s data catalog, take part in developing certain aspects of the data architecture, and will serve as a resource between our community and data. You will manage’s dataset catalog composed of over 100K datasets by contributing more data to the catalog, maintaining the current datasets, and engaging the community with data projects curated and developed by you. You will also build upon your existing experience with developing/managing taxonomies while working closely with linked data technology. As someone who will be work intimately with the data, you will also be available to assist our community and clients with data related needs. Depending on the task, you may find yourself working closely with Data Scientists, our Head of Community, Product Managers, Software Engineers, Account Managers, or the Executive Team.

As an ideal candidate, you’re open-minded and motivated, and you’ve had experience working in a bustling startup or have a strong desire to do so. You have a passion for making data easier to use and a strong desire to be part of a team that is exploring uncharted territories in semantic web technology. Possessing an understanding of developing schemas and implementing ontologies, and a love for data and understanding of a positive user experience will make you a great candidate for this role.


- Maintain data catalog

- Assisting with data partnerships and projects

- Responding to clients’ data related needs

- Data modeling and organization


- Understanding of content management and data preservation

- Developing knowledge organization systems like controlled vocabularies, metadata schema, and taxonomies.

- Working with a variety of technical stakeholders, including customers

- Comfortable with public speaking

- Experience working in a collaborative workspace

- Building SQL or SPARQL queries (Python/R experience a substitute)

- Comfortable at the Command Line

- Familiarity with Git/Github

- Taxonomy Building


- Experience using Python/R for data analysis and cleanup

- Familiarity with semantic editing tools and implementing semantic models using RDF, RDFS, OWL, SKOS

- Familiarity with the open data movement

- Technical writing

- Familiarity with the platform


Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS), Information Management, or related, OR a Certificate in Data Science, Data Engineering in addition to pertinent professional experience