China SEO Specialist 中国SEO专家 at Canva
Beijing, CN
At Canva, we work everyday to make a significant positive impact on society. Our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform and in every country!
Started just over 4 years ago, Canva provides a simple-to-use online graphic design tool that is used by more than 10 million users across the world. Canva is currently one of the world’s hottest technology startups and has been the ranked #1 Australian Workplace in Technology by JobAdvisor for the second year in a row and one of Australia’s Great Places to Work.
We are looking to build on our hugely successful internationalisation growth strategy by expanding into the China market. As a result, Canva’s China Team is seeking an experienced SEO Specialist to work alongside the founding Canva China CEO and Canva Growth Team to grow our China userbase and empower the Chinese market to design.
We are looking for SEO team members who love technology and can bring creativity when solving challenging problems. We ensure that the Canva workspace is setup for you to do your best work and have a great time doing so.
Canva于四年前建立, 提供了一个易于使用的在线设计工具,全世界已经有超过一千万的用户。Canva目前是世界上最热门的科技创业公司,连续两年被JobAdvisor评为澳洲科技类公司工作环境第一名,也是澳洲Great Places to Work的获奖公司。

Responsibilities 职责

  • Assist in rolling out Canva within China as part of Canva’s internationalisation strategy with a strong focus on the best localised user experience
  • Contribute to Canva’s global user acquisition strategy through the increase of organic traffic to Canva’s China site
  • Coordinate in-country research and gap analysis and maintain on-page content with SEO best practices in mind
  • Contribute to the design, implementation and maintenance of Canva China’s broad SEO strategy looking after all aspects: technical, content and outreach and authority building
  • Liaise with a large team of professionals of various backgrounds including engineers, translators and other SEOs.Involvement with other marketing and growth activities as needed
  • 作为Canva国际化战略的一部分,协助在中国推广canva。我们重点关注最佳的本地化用户体验。
  • 通过提高访问Canva中国的自然访问流量,来促进Canva的全球用户增长策略。
  • 协调国内研究和差距分析,并保持页面内容和SEO最佳实践的一致性。
  • 促进Canva中国广泛的SEO策略的设计、实施和维护阶段,需要关注SEO策略的所有方面:技术、内容和延伸拓展、以及网页权威的建立。
  • 联络拥有不同背景的大型专业团队,包括工程师,翻译和其他SEO。
  • 根据需要参与其他市场营销和用户增长的工作。

Requirements 相关经验和技能要求

  • At least 2-3 years digital marketing and SEO experience in the internet industry, with a proven track record of success with SEO in China
  • Agency or client side, we don’t mind as long as you have experience growing organic search traffic, not just “doing” SEO
  • Proven understanding of how search engines operate and what drives SEO performance
  • Passionate about cultural localisation and the role it plays in the way we approach online marketing
  • Chinese and English speaking professional with excellent written communication skills
  • You don’t necessarily know how to code but you are really tech-savvy (understand basic HTML, CSS, are familiar with design programs and terminology, etc) and you are at ease working closely with engineers
  • 有至少2-3年互联网行业数字营销和SEO的工作经验,在中国拥有成功的SEO记录。
  • 只要您拥有增长自然搜索流量的经验,对来自甲方或乙方的申请者我们同样欢迎。
  • 对搜索引擎怎样运行,和什么是SEO表现的驱动因子有充分的理解。
  • 对文化本土化和它在我们实行线上营销策略中起到的作用充满热情。
  • 中英文的专业水平口语沟通和卓越的书面交流能力。
  • 您不必要知道怎样写代码,但您一定要非常精通技术(了解基本的HTML、CSS,熟悉程序设计和相关术语等),并且您可以轻松地与工程师紧密合作。