R&D Fabrication and Shop Lead at Elroy Air
San Francisco, CA, US
As R&D Fabrication & Shop Lead, you will drive and/or enable the fabrication of and improved manufacturability of a broad array of structural, mechanical, & electro-mechanical systems critical to our VTOL aircraft and its associated subsystems. You will also drive the day-to-day and build-out of our shop to ensure that the team has the materials & tools it needs for success. Lastly, you will work with the team to ensure that the team has the supplies it needs when deployed for field testing.
The R&D Fabrication & Shop Lead role has a varied and exciting range of responsibilities:
● Fabrication
○ Build an array of vehicle components, vehicle subassemblies, test equipment, jigs, fixtures, cradles and more based on program and field testing needs.
○ Work with our Aerospace & Mechanical Engineers as well as our Industrial Designers to improve their designs and make them more produce-able.
○ Mentor team members and foster an environment of learning & professional growth surrounding manufacturability, safety, & shop best practices
● Shop Activities & Build Out
○ Works with the team to build projects and organize work activities.
○ Train personnel on proper use of equipment and enable the team to improve their fabrication skills.
○ Ensures the shop runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis = shop equipment & things we use on a daily basis are functional/in-stock and ready to rock every day.
○ Drives initiatives around purchasing shop equipment and tools that could be beneficial to the company. ○ Ensures that the shop is a safe and clean place for us to build and create within.
● Vendor Management Assistance
○ Sketching, Whiteboarding, building quick prototypes for a wide range of current and future project elements
● Production Schedules
○ Collaborate with team to ensure prototyping and production schedules stay on track.
○ Flag problems early - especially if anything we’re building is in jeopardy of not being ready on time.
○ Work with team to create mitigation plans to avoid/reduce schedule slip.
● Design for Assembly/Serviceability
○ E.g. Collaborating with team to think through and finalize designs-for appropriate access panels, field replaceable drive units, and ensure fastener accessibility.
○ Update CAD and create shop drawings as needed to make parts more produce-able.
○ Design jigs, cradles, and fixtures for gluing, welding, assembly, etc.
○ Pitch-in from time to time to add/finish aircraft design details, brackets, braces, hardware mounting points, & more to ensure we hit our desired timeframes.
● Vendor Management
○ Work with prototyping & manufacturing partners that will best meet our program needs to get quotes and place orders as needed.
○ Check-in and/or visit with vendors as needed to ensure that program needs and timeframe goals are met as needed.
○ Organize pick-up and delivery of parts and assemblies that are made offsite by fabrication partners as needed.
Our Ideal Candidate
● Has 5-to-10 years of fabrication & shop management experience directly pertaining to vehicle design or robotic systems
● Has experience building vehicles or robots utilizing high power drives or actuators
● Has experience fabricating machined parts & composite structures.
● Is well versed in a wide variety of production processes including but not limited to machining, 3D printing, waterjet and laser cutting, welding, castings, injection molding, gluing & bonding, etc...
Bonus Points For
● SolidWorks CAD experience
● Past experience developing parts and structures for weight-constrained applications
● Past experience developing parts and structures involving large structural composite vehicles/robots/etc…
● Aerospace experience
● Planning, setting-up, & managing field-deployable shop/maintenance environments.
● Past experience with UAVs