Engineering Manager, Platform and Distributed Systems at Color Genomics
Burlingame, CA, US
Color believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality information they can use to improve and maintain their health. We are transforming how clinical-grade genetic testing is done by removing financial, educational, and geographic barriers. Our goal is to expand physician-supported access to genetic testing to help every person, everywhere understand their risk for hereditary disorders.

We’re looking for an experienced senior engineering manager/director to partner with 10-15 engineers leading our bioinformatics (distributed systems) and internal clinical platform teams. These teams are responsible for all of the scientific and clinical tools/insights we generate for our clients -- from our massively parallel cloud-based bioinformatics pipeline, to a suite of supervised models/prediction algorithms and our clinical operations platform (tools for medical geneticists, variant scientists, lab scientists, and genetic counselors). No background in biology/genetics is required -- the team has a great mix of software engineers and domain experts -- but a passion for science, engineering, and interdisciplinary learning is a must.
You will:
  • Work with internal customers and domain experts in computational biology/genetics to devise a plan for expanding and growing Color’s internal clinical platform (bioinformatics pipeline, predictive models, systems infrastructure, scientific tools)
  • Enable the engineering team to maintain a high level of productivity and reliability, with a focus on systems/process optimization and overall quality improvements (novel variant callers, novel algorithms)
  • Lead engineering-wide initiatives and process improvements across the org (onboarding, design doc review, etc.)
  • Recruit world-class engineers
  • Develop engineers on the team, organizing and delivering regular 360° feedback
  • Manage internal team processes to help the team operate smoothly and interface effectively with the rest of Color
You might be a good fit if:
  • You’re passionate about using software and technology to help save lives and prevent catastrophic disease. You want to apply your skills in the service of a greater mission.
  • You’ve managed teams that designed and operated critical data infrastructure, with robust measurements of quality and performance
  • You know how to balance the usability, reliability, compliance and cost of critical systems
  • You have a background in designing novel algorithms/classifiers, distributed systems infrastructure, and/or performance tuning/optimization.
  • You have experience managing and mentoring subject-matter experts in fields/subjects that are different from your own background/expertise.
  • You give deeply technical design/code feedback, but empower your senior engineers to own design decisions
  • You rely on influence and persuasion (not top-down edict) to drive changes
  • You are excited about collaborating with and learning from scientists/domain experts across Color’s organization. You regularly read or skim the latest journal articles/papers.
  • You’re an experienced engineering manager who has mentored senior leaders (either other managers or individual contributors)