System Operations Engineer at Tally
San Francisco, CA, US
Tally helps people overcome credit card debt. Currently at Series B with $42MM in funding, Tally is the first automated debt manager for consumers. We help separate the burden of credit cards from the benefits, enabling people to use credit cards for their convenience and rewards without the stress of managing multiple payments or accruing unnecessary fees. Tally's vision is to automate consumers' whole financial lives, starting with America's $1 trillion credit card debt.
Tally’s System Operations team uses an infrastructure-as-code approach to scale & manage our various environments.  Our team owns the entire production infrastructure and maintains maximum uptime and performance. Early hires will have exciting opportunities to research and implement bleeding edge technologies.
We use Amazon Web Services for our infrastructure to provide a secure, resilient and fast application stack to our customers.
Core Technologies: Scala, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Redis, Puppet, Terraform, Datadog in addition to various AWS services such as EC2, RDS, EMR, ECS, Redshift etc.

Role impact:

    • Collaborate with dev teams to scale existing infrastructure with demands of a rapidly growing user base by implementing industry best practices and technologies
    • Troubleshoot performance & security issues throughout the application stack & network
    • Create, configure and maintain Ops tools and Runbooks
    • Implement monitoring to assure maximum uptime and capturing critical metrics that directly drive business decisions
    • Conduct research on new and existing AWS services & DevOps tools to help business needs

In this role we value:

    • Passion for working in a linux command line and having a strong understanding of Unix/Linux based systems and Cloud Infrastructure providers (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform)
    • Experience working with configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Salt
    • Familiarity in any scripting languages like Bash, Python, Ruby or Perl
A message from our leadership:
"One of our core values at Tally is 'Change shoes often.' We do this with our peers and our customers every day, and we want candidates to share in our commitment to empathy.  Empathy really is the foundation of inclusion, and Tally prides itself in being a company that prioritizes inclusion and diversity. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace culture where people are included and treated equitably."
Jason Brown, Cofounder and CEO