Compliance Manager at Valimail
San Francisco, CA, US
Imagine working on a global communication network that’s used by 3.7 billion people and every day more than a quarter trillion messages cross this network. There’s just one problem: Because authentication isn’t built into this platform, nobody can be certain who is sending most of these messages. This gap means that companies are vulnerable to a whole host of attacks on their employees, partners, and customers. Whether it’s wire fraud, W-2 thefts, or “fake news” in an attempt to destroy a brand, companies have been powerless to protect themselves against these impersonation attacks.
Valimail solves this problem. We’ve built a revolutionary platform on top of open standards — DMARC, DKIM, and SPF — that for the first time makes it possible for any organization to protect itself against email impersonation. Valimail pioneered the notion of automated email authentication, with innovative components like our DNS-based Authenticator (including our patented Instant SPF). Our system enables organizations to authenticate their email quickly, easily, and reliably.
We’re committed to building a more trusted email ecosystem. As part of that commitment, we’re active participants in the open source and standards communities. We’re co-authors of open standards like ARC and BIMI, and contribute to a variety of open source projects that serve the wider community.
As our Compliance Manager, you will lead our initial certifications and ongoing compliance efforts for certifications such as SOC2, FedRAMP, and GDPR. You will drive these cross-discipline projects to successful completion, applying your proven communication and project management skills. The Compliance Manager will also track new technical requirements and work with third-party testing facilities and agencies as required. We’re looking for a person who works well with different groups and can navigate and understand different perspectives and processes in a fast paced agile environment. You should have the technical depth required to effectively communicate with individuals from Engineering, Product, Operations, Security, Customer Success, Marketing, and other disciplines.
What You’ll Be Doing :
-Develop and oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies
-Oversee all process to ensure compliance with SOC-2 Type 2, FedRamp, and Privacy Shield certifications and project manage all audit procedures.
-Research and own all processes and guidelines company-wide for GDPR roll-out and adherence. Managing the RFP process as it pertains to compliance matters.
-Own the knowledge & data store to be able to address RFPs correctly and effectively.
-Evaluate the efficiency of controls and improve them continuously
-Revise procedures, reports etc. periodically to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues
-Collaborate with corporate counsels and HR departments to monitor enforcement of standards and regulations
-Assess the business’s future ventures to identify possible compliance risks
-Review the work of colleagues when necessary to identify compliance issues and provide advice or training
-Keep abreast of regulatory developments within or outside of the company as well as evolving best practices in compliance control
-Prepare reports for senior management and external regulatory bodies as appropriate
About You
*7+ years of proven experience as Compliance Manager or overseeing a compliance function
*Experience working in a small to mid-sized startup environment that’s scaling
*In-depth knowledge of the compliance industry’s standards and regulations
*Excellent knowledge of reporting procedures and record keeping
*A business acumen partnered with a dedication to legality
*Methodical and diligent with outstanding planning abilities
*An analytical mind able to “see” the complexities of procedures and regulations
*Excellent communication skills
*Certified compliance professional is a plusLegal background also a plus (but not necessary)