Data/Model Validation Engineer at Starsky Robotics
San Francisco, CA, US
The Perception team at Starsky is responsible for the development of our machine learning algorithms and models for detecting and identifying objects in the world around us.  We are looking for someone passionate about learning how machine learning systems are developed to assist with validating and processing training data to evolve our state of the art systems. 
Day-to-day responsibilities
Engage with software engineers on the Perception team to identify and collect training data to evolve our machine learning systems.
Validate the quality of the training dats we develop both internally and with 3rd party partners.
Working with engineers on the Perception team, train new machine learning models and perform analysis to quantify how they perform based on changes to the training data sets.
Provide feedback on tools and processes for efficient workflow of training data creation and validation.
BS in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field
Experience working with machine learning systems
1+ years experience with C++ or Python programming
Previous experience working in software development or quality assurance is a plus