Senior Engineering Manager (Testing, Fleet Management, Servicing & Deployment) at Starship
Tallinn, EE
Starship Technologies is developing the future of delivery – a network of friendly community robots serving increasing numbers of happy customers worldwide.
At Starship, we are redefining how goods flow through the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services become available to everyone – made possible by our star team of people, and our autonomous neighbourhood robots.
We are seeking to expand our leadership team with a Senior Manager to lead a group of teams that include Testing, Fleet Management, Servicing & Deployment that is also growing in scope.
Starship is a company breaking through into new unique areas and new business verticals. How we plan those rollouts, find the appropriate solution for each logistics model we’re developing, deploy, and manage the change is an exciting field - the challenge comes in learning how to deploy a growing fleet of autonomous devices, and make it a success. We’re also building new verticals of services that we test and develop.
Testing covers all aspects of what we do from autonomous driving, physical capabilities, and robot interaction with the environment around it. We test new capabilities with the robot and its infrastructure (including battery swapping, robot overnight homes where required, and warehousing), robot remote operation, logistics tools, and commercial services.
Fleet Management is a team whose scope covers new disciplines such as commercial planning of robots for new rollouts (including fleet size, connectivity plans, insurance), fleet rebalancing, and deployment planning. This is in addition to current disciplines growing to a new level, which includes fleet health, robot servicing, feedback to engineering, and working with internal and external stakeholders on deployments.
The team is distributed globally, with a logistics base and HQ in Tallinn, Estonia, and sub-teams in California, Virginia, Washington DC, UK, Germany, and Tallinn.
We already have the largest fleet of autonomous robots in outdoor environments globally, ensuring efficiencies by keeping them centrally managed. The successful candidate will have a rare opportunity to invent the deployment model of a whole new class of smart devices. Activities within the team and with partners are expanding significantly as the Starship fleet is poised to start growing significantly. 

To be successful in the role, you will need:

    • Passion to develop models, systems, tools, and teams that can deploy large fleets of autonomous robots around the world
    • Desire to build a global organization that keeps fleet services operational, while the fleet is deployed at high utilization rates
    • Previous history with quality assurance and reliability engineering disciplines
    • Experience in managing teams across timezones
    • A passion for solving real-world problems, and an analytical mindset to go along with it
    • Ability to dive into data and processes
    • Great skills at coaching teams 
    • Experience in cross-team communication with multiple stakeholders
    • Excellent skills at planning and analytical thinking
    • A desire to deliver value through the successful prioritization of the needs of multiple stakeholders, implementing working solutions

It would be great if you also have:

    • Experience in related fields - engineering, manufacturing, site reliability, operations, logistics, or business
    • Experience in testing, fleet management, servicing and deployment, or managing assets - this is a strong plus
    • The ability to keep a long-term vision in mind, also approaching new experiences with a pragmatic, outcome-oriented, mindset
    • Experience with international teams

Job specifics:

      • Full time contract with a four-month probation period 
      • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
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