Front-End Engineer at Brandcast
San Francisco, CA, US
About Brandcast:
Brandcast is a cloud-based technology platform built for companies to create better websites, faster and to simplify the management of web content. Brandcast allows digital teams to execute the entire website workflow - prototyping, design, content editing, and site management - from a single collaborative hub and without any dependency on development teams. Based in San Francisco, Brandcast is backed by Marc Benioff, TPG Growth-backed Affinity Group, Shasta Ventures, Buchanan Investments, and Correlation Partners. For more information, visit
Job Description:
Brandcast is looking for an experienced front-end or full stack engineer with extensive background creating complex JavaScript apps. 
Our newest engineer will work on the Brandcast platform, a suite of extremely ambitious design-focused apps for building and managing digital experiences at scale. The core experience in Brandcast is the Design Studio, where users can use an Adobe Illustrator-inspired set of visual tools to build and edit pages, templates, and reusable compositions. We are now in the midst of building out the team management-portion of the suite, which adds workflow-focused management tools for helping large teams manage their work and unlocks the power of Brandcast for a new class of larger-scale agency and enterprise users. 
The candidate who joins us will be joining a small, dedicated, highly-collaborative team of engineers who greatly value diversity and open-mindedness. They will be a part of building something awesome that truly stands alone and pushes the envelope on what is possible with web apps in the browser.
In terms of our tech stack, the front-end is written in JavaScript (ESNext flavors via Babel) and built on React / Redux / Apollo along with flow for static type checking. The back-end is written in Python and built on Django / Postgres / GraphQL.
The candidate must be knowledgable about browser performance and how to measure, diagnose, and improve it. The ambitiousness of our platform means that we must constantly be tweaking and improving the performance of our app. Also, experience with complex JavaScript application architecture and design patterns, especially the modern MV* patterns based on one-way data flow that came into common use with the introduction of React's Flux architecture, is essential. Experience with React, Redux, and/or GraphQL is a plus, but not essential. Likewise for experience with Flow or TypeScript.