Copywriter at The Farmer’s Dog
New York City, NY, US

The Farmer’s Dog is a leading tech-enabled pet health brand, on a mission to disrupt the $75B global pet food industry. The company is VC-backed by the early investors of Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club, Sweetgreen, and Glossier.

In an industry with little regulation, constant recalls, and rampant misleading advertising, The Farmer’s Dog brings a fresh perspective grounded in quality, transparency, and personalization. Through a combination of proprietary technology and a lot of heart, we’re completely reimagining what pet food is and how it’s made and delivered. Our recipes are designed in partnership with vets, freshly-cooked to USDA standards using human-grade ingredients, and sent to customers through customized subscription meal plans. Since cooking and delivering their first batch of food from a cramped Brooklyn kitchen in 2014, The Farmer’s Dog has fed millions of fresh, healthy meals to dogs nationwide.

The company was launched after Brett’s battle to cure the stomach issues of his Rottweiler, Jada. He quickly realized just how broken the commercial pet food industry was - even the “organic” and “natural” varieties proved to be heavily processed - and it was only when his vet recommended a fresh, home-cooked diet that Jada began to improve and was eventually cured. Having witnessed first-hand the power of fresh food, he teamed up with Jonathan to rethink the industry from the ground-up and create the product they wished had existed for their own dogs (and dogs everywhere).

Join The Farmer’s Dog team as we continue to figure out ways of bringing peace of mind to customers, health to their companions, and much-needed change to the way people feed and care for their pets.

Only “dream job” applicants, please. #mustlovedogs


In our increasingly visual, attention-depleting world, the power of the written word is wildly underestimated. The right word or phrase delivered in the right format and tone can radically change the meaning of a given image or video, and can help cut through the overwhelming clutter of our digital feeds. We’re looking for a lead copywriter to refine and steward The Farmer’s Dog’s brand voice across every channel, ensuring our messaging - whether it’s a piece of communication seen by millions or a text message sent to an individual customer - always simplifies and clarifies our value proposition, connects with our current and prospective customers, and strengthens our brand.


  • Refine and codify The Farmer’s Dog’s brand voice and tone, drawing upon our brand and product truths, insights from customers, and your own intuition
  • Develop guidelines and lead copywriting for all paid and owned channels, including search, social media, e-mail, website, editorial, customer correspondence (including phone scripts), and other on- and offline advertising formats
  • Select and manage freelance and agency talent as needed
  • Partner across functions (marketing, operations, customer experience, executive team) to understand and address their copywriting needs
  • Proactively seek out interesting formats and channels through which to bring to life The Farmer’s Dog brand voice


  • Attentive to the details of every phrase, word, and punctuation mark -- but also never lose sight of the big picture of the message and the brand
  • Committed to a bold vision and POV, but also receptive to input from anywhere
  • Love of writing in all forms and across channels/formats, and can adapt tone and style while still ensuring a cohesive brand voice
  • Passionate about understanding our current and prospective customers and figuring out how best to appeal to, and persuade, them
  • Comfortable using -- and proactively asking for -- data to inform creative and messaging decisions
  • Organized and masterfully manage your own time, knowing what to prioritize and when to delegate
  • On top the latest cultural trends, memes, and linguistic styles, but never succumb to passing fads
  • Always looking to improve your writing and how our brand and organization is portrayed through it
  • Strategically minded but driven by intuition


Health, dental, avocado toast, puppies