Robotics Perception Engineer (Intern) at Starsky Robotics
San Francisco, CA, US
At Starsky, the Perception team is responsible for processing sensor information and making it available to the other teams in a clean and consistent format. The models and algorithms developed aim to achieve robust real time detection and tracking of our truck and other objects in the local environment, including lane lines, vehicles, and pedestrians.
As a Robotics Perception Intern, you will be responsible for filtering, fusing and post-processing the outputs of different deep learning models and sensors. You will apply state of the art tracking and fusion algorithms which are robust to sensor noise and environmental variability. This requires coming up with smart and efficient solutions within the constraints of available sensors and compute.
We are looking for an individual who can collaborate well with the team and demonstrate potential for handling independent projects. Candidates should be able to approach the problem with first principles and work within design constraints.


    • Background in linear algebra, probability, 3D geometry
    • Experience with multi-camera sensor fusion and camera-radar sensor fusion
    • Experience with real time tracking of objects and lanes
    • Experience with real time mapping and localization
    • Experience with camera and radar sensor calibration
    • Ability to write efficient real time algorithms in C++
    • Experience in developing on linux environment

Nice to have or willing to learn

    • 1+ years experience in C++/Python development in a fast paced production environment
    • 1+ years experience in perception system of mobile robots
    • Experience with ROS
    • Experience in sensor noise analysis
    • Experience in machine learning/deep learning