DevOps Engineer at Whisper
Guadalajara, MX
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  • Administering Linux servers at the command line, including stopping/starting servers, debugging network issues, installing keys, etc
  • Working with Amazon Web Services EC2, VPC, S3, and associated platforms
  • Writing and developing internal automation and monitoring tools written in Go and Javascript
  • Maintaining an internal IP address space spanning multiple locations and subnets


  • Experience using a configuration management tool in large scale deployments, such as Chef, Puppet, or Salt
  • Experience with Google Cloud and AWS preferred
  • Experience with Kubenetes (big table, big query) preferred
  • Experience writing software/frameworks for backend systems and automation
  • Network debugging using iftop, tcpdump, etc
  • Experience with Go is preferred
  • Continuous integration, build and artifact generation using Jenkins, Gitlab, etc