Director of Operations at Stance
San Clemente, CA, US

Our goal is to create a culture where smart, ambitious, and positive people can thrive. We value our community and want to improve our local schools, neighborhoods, and businesses.  People are the most important element of our business. Our actions, words, and relationships represent what we believe and what we value. Since culture is the collective nature of the people working at Stance, we place a premium on the environment that fosters freedom and accountability across both individual and community levels.




Personal Responsibility


These are the values we place above all others. We seek out individuals whose personal constitution of values overlaps with ours. We believe in living these values will bond our teams and create a company culture that our competitors can never duplicate. As a result, we hire and promote the individuals who get results in a way that aligns with our five core company values.

Summary of the Stance Director of Operations:

We are seeking an experienced leader to manage the Stance development, sourcing, and production functions from China, innovate on existing product creation processes, and provide impeccable product creation services to other brands as Future Stitch expands its business globally.  This position will initially report to the Chief Product Officer at Stance, and then to the CEO at Future Stitch.

This position reports directly to the Chief Product Officer.

Below are key outcomes and main objectives for the Stance Director of Operations:

  • Q3 2019 - Join the Stance Product team and work alongside the VP of Operations to become intimately familiar with the GTM process, current planning and inventory management processes, and logistics.  Work with the Chief Product Officer, the Director of Product Development, and the Director of Sourcing and Production.
  • Q1 2020 - Move to Haining China to run Development and Production for Stance
  • Q1 2021 - Run Sourcing, Development, and Production for Stance and Brand 2
  • Q3 2021 - Run Sourcing, Development, and Production for Stance, Brand 2, and Brand 3

Development Outcomes:

  • Train all Future Stitch sock developers to tech pack styles in one hour or less by Q2 2020
  • Operationalize Cut & Sew development capabilities at Future Stitch by Q3 2020

Production Outcomes:

  • Create a production process for customizable product by Q3 2020
  • Create a process to produce a profitable production lot size of 1 by Q4 2020
  • Reduce time and cost associated with our SMS process from 10 weeks down to 5 weeks by the Fall 2021 GTM Season (Q3 2020)
  • Reduce sock production lead times to 60 days from 80 days by Q4 2020
  • Operationalize Cut & Sew production capabilities at Future Stitch by Q1 2021
  • Reduce cut & sew production lead times to match those of socks by Q3 2021

Logistics Outcomes:

  • Integrate the logistics function at Stance HQ into the Operations team by Q4 2019
  • Establish an international logistics group at the factory to handle global freight and shipping by Q3 2020

Performance Measurements:

  • Design accuracy and lead times
  • Development lead times
  • Production lead times
  • Achievement of outcomes

We are looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications:

  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
  • Experience in leadership at apparel organizations
  • Experience in a start-up organization
  • Ability to create, articulate, inspire, and execute strategy
  • Ability to motivate others to achieve strategic objectives
  • Entrepreneurial – Ability to excel in an environment of freedom and accountability. Sets initiatives and assumes tolerable levels of risk without constant direction or leadership.
  • Driven – Consistently under-commits and over-delivers on expectations. Thrives in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Creative – Passion for finding new solutions to old problems.
  • Collaborative – Works well with others.
  • Empathetic – Identifies with the needs and problems of our customers.
  • Strategic – Sets vision and creates long-term goals to achieve it.
  • Analytical – Has a knack for assessment of data and information.