Senior Software Engineer - Platform at Starsky Robotics
San Francisco, CA, US
Starsky Robotics has a unique focus in the self-driving industry, our guiding principle is to work towards an actually useful product as fast as we can while being safe. The time between you writing code and seeing it in operation on actual vehicles is very short as we try to keep iteration cycles quick in order to achieve our goals. You wont be spending months working on a research project that might never see the light of day.
The Platform team is responsible for the underlying software architecture on the vehicle itself. Everything from the low level OS, to common libraries that are used by other teams, to interfacing with sensors and actuators, to making sure that data and commands flow between components as efficiently and reliably as possible. Our goal is to provide the base that the more specialized teams can build upon to implement their algorithms. We are also responsible for the process of how code gets onto the machine & the bootup process, as well as automated testing frameworks that run a suite of tests from low level unit tests to high level integration tests.
Platform is unique among other teams in that we are a nexus for everyone else. Even though you may not be working directly on the rest of the systems, you will be exposed to them, and have the opportunity to lend your development and systems expertise to the other teams. There is also opportunity for branching out, if you have an interest in perception, planning, or controls, to work on side projects that are a bit more specific to them as well, even if it is not your main role.

What We Look For

      • Experience with C++ plus one or more scripting languages (eg python)
      • Have worked on large complex applications / systems, know your way around a debugger
      • Used a DVCS (eg git) in a team before
      • Familiar with Linux

Helpful but Not Required

    • Robotics
    • Lower level embedded / real-time systems
    • Microcontroller firmware
    • ROS
    • Qt or PyQt
    • SQL
    • Linux server system administration