Vice President of Sales at Airspace
San Leandro, CA, US



Airspace Systems, an advanced technology company committed to the safe emergence of the drone economy, is addressing a new dimension in the world of security. Drones have a wide range of life-saving and mission-critical uses, including disaster response, firefighting, supply and medicine delivery, and locating missing persons, to name a few. In order for the drone industry to realize its full economic and social potential, airspace security and safety of critical infrastructure must be assured. 


Airspace Systems, in conjunction with the military, has developed a leading airspace security solution with tremendous potential to do real and meaningful good in the commercial and civilian sectors. As of February 2019, the company has been cleared to sell and deploy the solution for commercial use. The Airspace Galaxy security platform uses AI and advanced robotics to provide immediate detection and identification of all drones present in a large airspace, enabling a quick response. The company plans to include drone mitigation – the capture and safe removal of unauthorized drones – as part of a comprehensive solution in the near future. 


Today, users for the detection and identification of drone traffic include airports, corporate and academic campuses, entertainment facilities and franchises, utilities, large commercial real estate operators and civil safety providers. To capitalize on a window of opportunity to become the leading provider of airspace security in these commercial and civil sectors, venture and strategic investors have just provided substantial additional funding to Airspace Systems. The company is seeking to quickly build a top-notch management team to execute on a succinct vision in a rapidly emerging market.




This is a unique opportunity for a sales veteran with demonstrated experience in taking a complex, technology-enabled solution from “lab to market leader”. Currently, there are a number of effective installations of the Airspace solution, which is mobile, modular and simple to operate.  A repeatable, scalable deployment process is in place. In this role, you will develop the winning sales approach to rapidly and effectively pursue a number of civil and enterprise verticals (as noted above). In partnership with our CEO, who is a phenomenal and renowned evangelist and advisor in the drone security market, you and your team will approach and execute against a targeted list of interested, large-scale prospects, and convert latent and captive interest to closed business.




Design and implement a process that converts inquisitive interest into actionable Airspace deployments

With a bias toward speed, build and deploy a winning team to address emerging verticals and capture market share in a window of opportunity that is likely to be dominated within a 2-year timeframe

Position, modify, and update the solution and articulate the value proposition effectively for a number of varying use cases and stakeholders

Follow up on a broad range of interested leads, and educate stakeholders about airspace security and the Airspace Systems solution

Design an effective compensation plan for a complex, solution sale with an intricate sales cycle

Determine, develop, obtain and deploy sales and support tools and resources, as necessary




10+ years of experience leading sales teams in selling complex, hardware and software solutions, and closing large-scale, recurring, SaaS oriented revenue contracts

Demonstrated leadership qualities in building motivating, building and leading sales teams

High comfort in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment selling a technology solution that is new to market

Track record of success inmanaging large customer relationships, executing complex negotiations, and closing major deals

Experience working with an executive team to develop and sell new and dynamic business models

Excellent leadership, judgment, interpersonal communication, management, orthogonal and lateral thinking as well as problem solvingand analytical skills

Ability to develop core infrastructure, and metrics to lead sales activity in a rapidly scaling company, including creating aggressive sales targets along with a corresponding scoreboard and compensation plan, while achieving realistic measurable results and stretch objectives

Interest in a high beta, rapid-build opportunity with significant equity upside




Mission-oriented; excited about what we are doing collectively

Data-driven; methodical in ushering prospects through a sales pipeline

Leadership skills, not just day-to-day management capabilities

Shared vision and desire to help build the path to get there