Environment Artist at BigBox VR
Seattle, WA, US

You are a talented Environment Artist looking to build the next generation of games for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. You have multiple years of experience with the Unity Editor (or other 3D game engines like Unreal) and love to create beautiful and fun environments for a live-service, online game.

  • Strong communicator who loves the iterative technical and creative process
  • Desire to understand a product holistically and contribute creatively
  • Know when to be pragmatic and when to be blue sky
  • Make art and technical trade-offs that align with business objectives
  • Possess wily and unconventional thinking
  • Must embrace teamwork, as well as solve problems independently
  • Eager to roll up your sleeves to make contributions outside of your specialty


  • Create content, including 3D modeling/sculpting, 2D texture map painting, material setup/UV layout, and LOD creation
  • Lay out environments that are fun and beautiful, using modular assets
  • Ensure that art assets are performant and fit within their budgets for draw calls, poly counts, texture memory limits, without compromising visual quality
  • Help define and maintain art production pipelines, tools, and systems to scale assets from high-end PCs to mobile Android VR headsets
  • Develop new environment ideas that fit within conceptual designs, technical parameters, and production goals, for a live-service online game
  • Possess artistic and technical expertise in these areas:  scene composition, lighting, and environmental FX (bloom, color adjust, fog, etc. …)
  • Excellent material and texturing skills for a realistic art style using PBR
  • Hands-on experience with game engines such as Unreal, Unity, or equivalent experience
  • High proficiency with Photoshop, Maya / Max, Substance Design, and ZBrush
  • Expert in realistic environments ranging from hard surface structures to organic foliage
  • Deep understanding of asset optimization challenges/techniques in a shipped product
  • Excellent verbal communication skills with the ability to give and receive feedback well
  • Portfolio of highly detailed 3D art with a focus on realistic environments and variety of subject matter (buildings, props, natural landscapes, etc.)

Bonus Points

  • Strong background in AR or VR
  • Passion for eSports
  • Experience with Perforce and/or Git
  • Loves modular asset creation and assembling complex environments out of as few parts as possible