Data Scientist at LiveIntent
Copenhagen, DK

To our highly-skilled development team in Copenhagen we seek a versatile data scientist with the passion for formalism, heuristics and algorithms as well as an understanding of software engineering. LiveIntent Copenhagen stands for the development and deployment of the company's next generation technology in close collaboration with the company's other departments in New York, Berlin and Moscow.

Our team in Copenhagen consists of  a few veterans from the start-up environment and 10 new hand-picked colleagues. Both the level of competence and focus is very high. For that reason, many exciting tasks are constantly flowing from the rest of the organization to Copenhagen, so we want to expand the team with more skilled and innovative talents. We are looking for both data scientists and data engineers, but prefer people with an interest in both areas of work.

The company

LiveIntent is one of America's highest-profile startup companies. LiveIntent is a fast-growing New York-based company that drives and develops the leading marketplace for e-mail-based advertisement.

LiveIntent Copenhagen started as a Danish startup company in 2013 and was acquired by LiveIntent in November 2015. The team consists of a handfull of people who have been in since 2013 and 14 new colleagues that joined since the end of 2016. We develop and operate both an online, real time service that gets millions of calls from the outside world and other LiveIntent components, and an offline batch-oriented analytical data processing pipeline that prepares data for online service.


The position

We are looking for a data scientist for LiveIntent Copenhagen, which can analyze issues based on data, and who can design, develop and maintain algorithms, reports and software solutions for LiveIntent. You are largely able to plan, choose and organize your own tasks, but you are expected to work closely with the other team developers and stakeholders in the company's international product division. You will be part of all stages of development, from initial sparring and exchange of ideas to prototyping, development, testing, deploy, maintenance / improvement and reporting, but with the expected focus on the first three parts.

We believe in flexibility under responsibility, and our development process is therefore a loosely defined hybrid of agile methods and rapid prototyping.


Your profile

You are newly educated or may have. a couple of years of experience with data analysis or software development from other positions. You are interested in translating real world issues into mathematical models, mathematical statistics and algorithms. You are hopefully also interested in programming (in several languages), in machine learning and / or adtech technology.

You have one of the heavier mathematical educations such as computer science, mathematics or physics.

You have practical experience with real programming, and like practical and / or deep theoretical understanding of some of the following:

  • Classical statistics (hypothesis tests, confidence intervals)
  • Data mining
  • ETL processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Probabilistic graphical models (eg Markov logic networks or Bayesian networks)
  • Data Processing in MapReduce using Hadoop / Cascading / Scalding
  • Programming in Scala
  • Python programming
  • Data reporting and ad hoc analysis in Google BigQuery or the "PyLab" suite

You attack problems analytically and solutions pragmatically. You are full of good ideas, able to see opportunities and weaknesses in other people's ideas, and can come up with your own ideas in a constructive way. You love having many issues on your mind and connecting them with data. You understand that finding new facets of data is more important than adjusting meta parameters to algorithms. You are happy to implement and optimize and you are curious about new tasks.

You want to understand and involve yourself in the company's problem area and can communicate in English with management and colleagues at the other LiveIntent offices. You are in a dynamic environment where overall priorities and definitions will change over time, and therefore tasks will not always be prioritized. You can hand over tasks, but prefer to follow them to the door itself. You work independently and in the initiative.


We offer

You can look forward to being a key player in a challenging and dynamic developmental story where you will be part of a team with some of the industry's hottest talents. There will be  rich opportunity to learn from others, and you will have the flexibility to dive into experiments on your own. We are passionate about new solutions, technologies and algorithms, but pragmatic in our choice of solutions. 

We believe in freedom and flexibility under responsibility. So the office hours can be adjusted, to a relatively large extent, to your life. If you need to work at home one day, it's OK as long as you deliver on your obligations. Likewise, you have free choice of work machine (Linux, Mac, Windows) and developer tools, but you are expected to be able to debug and maintain them yourself. If you want to introduce a new technology in our stack, it's OK, as long as you can defend your choice.

We are an international company, with lots of contact between the departments, so it's an opportunity to move your career to Berlin or New York later. Formally, the position is a standard position of 37 hours in the office at Fiolstræde 31 in Copenhagen K. Of course, lunch arrangements, telephone / internet and health insurance are included. The position is for occupation as soon as possible.