Product Operations Project Manager at Stance
San Clemente, CA, US

Our goal is to create a culture where smart, ambitious, and positive people can thrive. We value our community and want to improve our local schools, neighborhoods, and businesses.  People are the most important element of our business. Our actions, words, and relationships represent what we believe and what we value. Since culture is the collective nature of the people working at Stance, we place a premium on the environment that fosters freedom and accountability across both individual and community levels.





Personal Responsibility



These are the values we place above all others. We seek out individuals whose personal constitution of values overlaps with ours. We believe in living these values will bond our teams and create a company culture that our competitors can never duplicate. As a result, we hire and promote the individuals who get results in a way that aligns with our five core company values.


Summary of the Stance Product Operations Project Manager:

The mission of the Product Operations Project Manager is to learn and master all product operations systems and processes in order to bring this knowledge and expertise to FutureStitch Stance’s exclusive factory located in China.

FutureStitch is located in Haining, China and seeks to revolutionize traditional apparel and knit manufacturing, and FutureStitch has turned this conventional paradigm on its head by creating a factory that is as productive as it is beautiful, with a mission to bring art, innovation, sustainability, and advanced technology into manufacturing.

This position reports directly to the Go-To-Market Manager.

As the Stance Product Operations Project Manager, you will:

  • Join the Stance Product team and work with the Go-To-Market Manager to become intimately familiar with the GTM process.
  • Help oversee, maintain, organize, and optimize our Product Operations process.  This role is designed for an organized contributor who desires the challenge of being able to get the best product into the market on time.  This position will allow you to work cross functionally with our creative, merchandising, product, marketing, ecommerce, retail and sales teams and support them in their GTM tasks. 
  • Be an expert in our Product Operations strategy and constantly seek ways to improve the process.
  • Assist the Go To Market Manager in overseeing and updating all GTM calendars.
  • Develop and update our Product Operations workflow.
  • Attend Product Operations & GTM related meetings and be note taker responsible for summarizing such meetings
  • Project manage all FGTM projects (30% off off-calendar projects).
  • Project manage all Fill In & FGTM projects (100% of off-calendar projects).
  • Achieve 100% understanding of seasonal GTM calendar in order to work effectively with the Go-To-Market Manager from FutureStitch.
  • Identify areas of improvement and opportunities for increased efficiency at FutureStitch and build program that directly results in reduced timelines and operational expenses by 20%.
  • Implement FutureStitch optimization program and successfully decrease timelines and operational expenses by 20%.

We are looking for someone with the following skills and qualifications:

  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
  • Entrepreneurial - Must be highly driven, ambitious, and creative.
  • Analytical - Must be obsessively detail oriented and dedicated to extreme accuracy.
  • Collaborative - Must be able to communicate and work well with people.
  • Open to Feedback - Be willing to take direction and make revisions as necessary.
  • Adaptable – Able to handle constantly changing daily tasks while keeping the foresight to complete long-term objectives.
  • Driven - Exceptional work ethic.
  • Must be able to use Microsoft Office, Google Drive Applications, Asana, Box and Apple Keynote.


Notes on this position:

This position is based out of San Clemente, CA for up to 1 year, and candidates must be willing and able to relocate to Haining, China for a minimum of 2 years. Candidates must also be fluent in Mandarin Chinese.