On-Call Contractor: Driver, Fire Watch, and Field Support at Airspace
San Leandro, CA, US

About the Company:


Airspace Systems, Inc. uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced robotics to create fully automated, always-on solutions that deliver the three mandatory requirements of airspace security: long-range detection, instant identification, and safe capture and removal of unauthorized or malicious drones. Airspace solutions protect people, property, and intellectual property for businesses, law enforcement, and the military. All Airspace solutions are mobile, modular, and simple to operate. Founded in San Francisco in 2015, Airspace is funded by early investors in Nest, Palantir, and Skype.


At Airspace, we’re creating cutting-edge tech so autonomous flying machines can live and work among us. We leverage AI, machine vision and deep learning to realize the full potential of drones by using neural networks to power autonomy. Our fusing of advanced radar, radio frequency detectors, cameras and airborne sensors into advanced flight systems enable our currently-deployed end-to-end drone security solutions.


Position Description:


We are looking for an enthusiastic, friendly, and dynamic on-call individual to help us with driving trailers, fire watch, and general labor support for field crews outdoors. This is a part-time on-call contract position, meaning some months may be busier than others. Responsibilities will primarily center around: 


●    Loading and driving large vehicles, (eg. vans, trucks, and trailers) to assigned location, sometimes out of state.


●    Moving equipment from point A to point B, and providing support to the Field Crew.


●    Fire Watch: constantly scrutinizing a prescribed area of concern. Spotting and communicating fire hazards and fires and promptly eliminating them.


●     Ensure and advise on best practices as it relates to fire safety practices to the crew.


●    Provide support for maintenance and care of a mobile command center.


●     Ensuring all required equipment is accounted for before, during, and after deployments.


Good Candidate Criteria:


●      Be able to respond to requests within 6 hours when we contact you.


●      Authorized to work in the US.


●      Able to legally operate a vehicle in California.


●      Able to rent a car and clean driving record (no at-fault accidents/DUIs).


●      Able to carry heavy equipment (less than 50 lbs.) outdoors up to one mile over uneven terrain during inclement weather.


●      Able to travel to other states, if needed.


●      Able to professionally interact with police, military, and other officials, if needed.


●      Friendly and sociable; able to work in close collaboration with a small team. Highly patient.


●      Highly reliable and trustworthy individual with good communication skills.


●      Initiative to help out where needed.


Nice to have:


●     A background in hotshot trucking.


●      A background in fire prevention, or firefighting. Familiarity with alarm and emergency protocol procedures.


●      Prior experience with the US military.


●       Knowledge around various tools.


●      Basic knowledge of radar and radio frequency equipment.


●       Basic knowledge of information technology (IT)


●      Knowledge of drone technology is a plus.


Location: San Leandro, CA


Working Environment:  We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to maintaining an inclusive working environment for all employees free of discrimination and harassment. Our goal is to be a workforce that is representative of the people we serve; we do not make employment decisions based off of non-merit characteristics. 


You will be working around a friendly and diverse set of staff. Much of your time may be spent outdoors or in transit, and you will be traveling to different locations as needed. 


Compensation: TBD per hour.


Payment Terms: Net 30 after receipt of invoice. 


This is a great opportunity as a side job, and reliable individuals may receive the opportunity to become a permanent part of the Airspace Team. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you are not interested or available and know of someone that may be, please feel free to pass along this opportunity.