Technical Lead - Data Products at Spire

Spire Product Engineering develops products that provide company and government customers a uniquely precise understanding of what’s happening in the world in areas like weather, air traffic, shipping, and more. The insights are produced by combining the firehose of sensor data produced by 50+ Spire satellites with external data sources, processing the data using statistical and machine learning pipelines, and packaging the data for external consumption using our APIs.

As a Technical Lead for our Data Products, you’ll be running a local team spanning data engineering, data science, and backend and API development that builds SaaS products leveraging Spire’s space program firehose of sensor data.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Lead from within the projects by actively contributing code, primarily in Python.
  • Embody and install Spire’s company culture and values in the local engineering team: Global, Relentless, Mighty, Reliable, Fast.
  • Attract, hire and mentor the world’s top software engineering talent.
  • Plan, propose and track projects, ensuring that they’re delivered on time and in the process coming up with creative solutions to meet product objectives.
  • Foster a great engineering culture where the work product isn’t just code, but documentation, tests, reliable services that meet their service level objectives, and strong relationships with internal customers.
  • Communicate cross-functionally to ensure everyone’s on the same page with peers, your manager, direct reports, and others as needed.
  • Spend 70%-80% of your time initially as an individual contributor while we're building up the Luxembourg team, and as we hire more people transition down to 30-50% individual contributor work and 50-70% engineering management.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Exceptionally detail oriented and well organized, and ability to go as deep as needed in any software project to figure out what is and isn’t going well.
  • At least 3 years of experience working as an individual contributor.
  • Experience building teams and ideas on how to build teams.
  • Domain flexibility, good communication skills, and preference for simple, robust solutions.
  • Experience with web services.
  • Some experience with data science or data engineering.