Senior Software Developer at Starship
Tallinn, EE
Starship Technologies is developing the future of delivery – self-driving robots that bring parcels, groceries and food to people around the world. We are looking for a software developer who would be passionate about writing code to make the robots see, sense and behave.
With Starship you have opportunity to work with some of the worlds best robotic engineers and software developers.
Our working environment is flexible and supportive. You can have a great deal of influence in architectural decisions – both software and hardware.  

Challenges you would encounter include:


    • Real-time image processing from many cameras
    • Computer vision and visual object recognition
    • Low latency video transmission over mobile networks
    • Data processing from many different sensors: radars, ultrasonic, time-of-flight cameras
    • Writing Linux kernel drivers for custom hardware
    • Creating custom hardware using FPGAs

Skills we would like you to have:


      • Mastering C++ and C would be ideal but Go, Rust, C#, Java or similar would do also
      • Ability to write multithreaded (soft) real-time code
      • Know-how to build networked applications, good understanding of networks and distributed systems
      • Experience in video, image or signal processing would be great

Job specifics:


    • Full time contract with a 4-month trial period
    • Location is Tallinn, Estonia with relocation support
Want to learn more about our robots, real-time vision and data processing? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!