Software Developer II at Whisper
Venice, CA, US
Software Developer II: Design, develop, and deliver software and Android application solutions to meet the company’s strategic and technical objectives. Manage all stages of the software development lifecycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control, continuous integration, build processes, and testing. Review development team’s technical specifications documentation. Leverage knowledge of algorithms and programming languages such as PHP, SQLite database, Google Material Design, and C to convert project requirements into code. Leverage knowledge of Java to build low-level communication frameworks between Android devices and backend servers and graphically intensive and UI-focused Android components. Advice to the development team in designing altering infrastructure for iOS and Android devices to ensure applications are compatible across all platforms. Implement object-oriented design to support mobile application software using C++, including Standard Template Library. Assess advances in the field and customize all features and applications to continuously support the company’s messaging software across all platforms. Take a part in all phases of testing and review development team’s test documentation. Lead some of the git conflict resolution efforts. Update and repair existing systems infrastructure to increase operational efficiency or adapt to new requirements. Perform software flow analysis to test software and related components for optimal performance, data integrity, and quality assurance. Document and review design specifications, troubleshooting, and software configuration standards. Provide guidance to software development team and technical support to clients. Stay abreast of technological advances and industry trends. Will supervise two software developers.
Requirements:  The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems plus two years of experience in the job offered or a related position. The position requires skills/knowledge in development on the Android platform, Java, C, C++, SQLite Database, Standard Template Library, Google Material Design, and PHP.