Perception Lead at Starsky Robotics
San Francisco, CA, US
Perception Team Intro
Perception team at Starsky is responsible for perceiving the environment around vehicle and providing the rest of the software stack with information to take driving decisions and actions. Perception team takes ownership of the stack starting from raw sensor information, running ML models as well as classic CV techniques on them, performing error filtering as well as tracking, and finally passing information on to different modules based on their requirements. The team is heavily involved in discussions with other teams to finalize requirements based on design considerations.
Day-to-day responsibilities
Responsible for perception team technical deliverables
Work with Engineering Directors and Technical Project Managers to allocate team members to sprints
Reflect and embody company values for the team
Willing to act as an IC on a regular basis
Ensure your team delivers high output
Set direction for the team, anticipate strategic and scaling-related challenges
Be heavily involved in decision making for technical and product strategy.
Experience with Robotics perception
Experience writing code in C++ and/or python
Knowledge and/or experience with deep learning
Managerial experience is a plus
Experience with ROS is a plus