Customer Success Manager at Resilinc
Milpitas, CA, US

Position Overview


1) Be the voice of the customer inside Resilinc: Manage client relationships on an ongoing basis and be responsible for overall customer experience on the platform (solution and services): manage customer expectations, deliverables, relationships with various users and sponsors, reporting progress, conduct user training, extract and present value added insights from the Resilinc solution, conduct and present at quarterly business reviews, conduct executive presentations, understand client requirements and find upsell opportunities of Resilinc’s solutions and services, set appropriate expectations, push back to protect Resilinc’s interests, if needed.  Customer satisfaction is the key measure of success for the person in this role.
2)“Adoption” of the product and solution is critical to scaling up Resilinc.  This person should help drive adoption and customers’ ongoing use – leading to stickiness of the product and solution.
3) Project management for initial client onboarding: putting together project plan, make sure everything is tracking to the plan, reporting weekly to clients, execute towards the plan, escalate internally when delays experienced.  This person will develop and scale standardized process and documentation around initial client onboarding and other key client facing activities.
4) Bring back requirements to product design and development organization: understand customer requirements and overall fit with Resilinc solution and biz model, provide help to prioritize based on customer input and Resilinc criteria (resources, other requirements and deliverables), document and write up the requirements, conduct user testing, open bugs when found, provide details on user feedback or fixes.
5) Collaborate with every Resilinc group to make sure client needs are met in a timely fashion.  Negotiate with groups to make sure Resilinc’s needs and client needs are balanced.  Time management and organizational skills.  
6) Timeliness of response to customer on their requests.
7) Supply chain insights: generally, add value during client conversations on applying the insights to their role.  On a quarterly basis, pull together and train and present supply chain resiliency insights for customer.  Strategize what to do based on what the insights are showing.
8) Become a trusted advocate / advisor with customers and help them grow in their journey towards supply chain resiliency. 



  • Project management and planning and responsiveness
  • Minimum 5 years of Customer facing experience
  • Supply chain experience (important during onboarding, for ongoing deliverables and insights, training and value-added insights) –ability to understand the problem well, and clearly articulate how Resilinc’s solutions apply
  • Experience with technology or software projects or product deployment
  • Completely self-driven (remote position so need to be independently responsible for meeting client deliverables)
  • MS - Excel proficiency is required
  • Power point presentation creation skills required
  • Problem solving and organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of other software solutions and products is preferable
  • 8-10 years of work experience