Sr. Software Engineer at The Pill Club
San Mateo, CA, US
The Pill Club is an exciting Femtech/Healthtech company empowering women to make decisions about their health, judgment-free, from their smartphone. Our members no longer have to go to unnecessary doctor visits, pay marked-up pharmacy prices, or wait in line for their birth control.
At the moment, the Pill Club prescribes and delivers birth control directly to our members, along with a care package of goodies, filled with chocolate and other great samples. However, we want to do more, and we are looking for a great Backend Engineer to help us do it to join our core engineering team.
If you are qualified, we want you to join the current engineering team, who are in the midst of automating operations workflow. In the last year, our revenue has grown 5x the amount of the previous years, so people believe in what we're doing. The rapid and consistent growth encourages you to architect and design systems that can sustain high volume transactions and ever-growing complexity.
In the first 30 days, you will design, build and deliver small features to monitor, optimize and automate the manual process. You’ll familiarize yourself with our stack, code review process, and codebase to learn how everything is connected. After graduating from smaller features, you will graduate to complex and larger initiatives, including planning, estimating and delivery.

Ideal Candidate Should Be:


    • 4+ years of professional experience with Java/Spring
    • Strong CS Fundamentals
    • Experience with SQL and RDBMS



    • Build smart applications with multiple services and APIs
    • Build Business Process and Decision Model Framework to automate workflows and manual tasks
    • Assist in designing complex databases to manage our massive amounts of data
    • Building API's with clean interfaces
    • Apply a deep understanding of web technology, within the context of other components like back-end, network, etc.

Minimum Qualifications


    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
    • Experience with AWS, RESTful APIs
    • Experience with server frameworks, like Spring Framework