Engineering Manager at Valimail
San Francisco, CA, US
Imagine working on a global communication network that’s used by 3.7 billion people and every day more than a quarter trillion messages cross this network. There’s just one problem: Because authentication isn’t built in to this platform, nobody can be certain who is sending most of these messages. This gap means that companies are vulnerable to a whole host of attacks on their employees, partners, and customers. Whether it’s wire fraud, W-2 thefts, or “fake news” in an attempt to destroy a brand, companies have been powerless to protect themselves against these impersonation attacks.
Valimail solves this problem. We’ve built a revolutionary platform on top of open standards — DMARC, DKIM, and SPF — that for the first time makes it possible for any organization to protect itself against email impersonation. Valimail pioneered the notion of automated email authentication, with innovative components like our DNS-based Authenticator (including our patented Instant SPF). Our system makes enables organizations to authenticate their email quickly, easily, and reliably.
We’re committed to build a more trusted email ecosystem. As part of that commitment, we’re active participants in the open source and standards communities. We’re co-authors of open standards like ARC and BIMI, and contribute to a variety of open source projects that serve the wider community.
As part of the Valimail Engineering Leadership, you’ll be a major contributor to the company’s success. You’ll share in the design, development, and deployment of major pieces of the Valimail system. Your technical contributions will help protect dozens of brands, authenticate hundreds of millions of emails every day, and protect people all over the world from fraud.
If you like the idea of working on planetary-scale messaging systems with some of the latest tools and making a difference in the lives of half the world’s population, we’d love to talk to you.
As an Engineering Manager you will lead an Agile software engineering team in the development and delivery of email. Valimaill is working with some great technology and you will have the opportunity to lead your teams to deliver quality software.
What You'll be Doing
You will inspire, motivate and lead a team of 6 engineers (front end, full stack, and back end) to ensure efficient delivery of high quality products and features.
As a people manager, you will mentor, grow, and coach your engineers through daily interactions and support.
Promote a learning organization and lead tangible, measurable improvements to our development and deployment cycles.
Actively work with Software Architects and Product managers to ensure that Valimail’s best practices are being developed and followed.
Assist in the building of a high-performance organization, including organizational planning, recruiting & interviewing candidates, and cultivating world-class engineers.
Support project planning, collaboration, and prioritization of resources. Pragmatically work with peers across the organization, to balance needs, support issues, technical architecture needs, and new feature development.
Participate in architectural discussions, facilitate healthy debate, and recommend technical solutions when necessary.
Create and drive projects focused on continuous improvement.
Embody, guide, and mentor Agile and Scrum methodology to drive customer value
Own sprint goals and deliverables for key products and features -- building discipline around tracking progress and iterating to improve product and team performance.
Work closely with Product Manager to develop and maintain a technical roadmap, leading 1-2 projects at any given time.
Evaluate and prioritize all team tasks and activities during a sprint, delivering business value every iteration.
Track team efficiency and efficacy, making these statistics visible
Continuously looking at innovative and efficient ways to improve our technology and systems (reporting, monitoring, best practices).
Tracks SDLC efficiency and quality and makes metrics visible.
Dedication to developing deep industry knowledge around DKIM, DMARC, SPF, and BIMI
Proactively identify areas of risk in project deliverables and platform architecture, and develop plans to mitigate those risks.
About you
More than 5 years experience as a Software Development Team Lead or Architect on a SaaS based product within a startup environment
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a related field)
Hands-on experience coding in one or more language of our current stack (Go, Ruby, Javascript, React, etc.).
Proven practical application of Agile software development methodologies.
Exceptionally self-motivated and directed; a proactive and take charge leader, seeking out and tackling issues.
Experience building and leading remote teams with a focus on learning and development
Effectively communicates at all levels within the organization.
Critical thinker that is able to drive decisions with velocity and quality
Ensure teams are empowered with skills to produce the best quality software at a high velocity. Identify knowledge gaps and orchestrate training initiatives. Identify hiring needs, and coordinate with HR to approve job descriptions, interview, and build the team.
Ability to manage multiple projects/tasks while focusing on outcomes and commitments.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
Lead with “Servant Leadership”.
Valimail is an anti-phishing company that has been driving the global trustworthiness of digital communications since 2015, with the only complete platform for stopping fake email, protecting brands, and helping ensure compliance. Valimail has won more than a dozen prestigious cybersecurity technology awards and authenticates billions of messages a month for some of the world's biggest companies, including Uber, Fannie Mae, WeWork, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Valimail is based in San Francisco. For more information visit
Customers include Yelp, Uber, Fannie Mae, Pure Storage, WeWork, and MongoDB.
Strategic partners include Adobe, Splunk, SendGrid, SparkPost, and Neustar; and in the federal arena, FedResults.