Senior Android Engineer at ClassDojo
San Francisco, CA, US
As an early Android engineer at ClassDojo, you'll lead the development of our fastest growing platform, collaborating closely with product, design, and other engineers as part of a cross-functional development team creating, incredible new experiences for our users. You’ll take responsibility for an app used by millions of students, teachers, and parents around the world every day. In addition, you’ll keep building on our world-class engineering culture, one that values rapid iteration, cross-functional collaboration, and thoughtful best practices. 

Experience & Requirements:        

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Engineering and 2 years of experience as a Software Engineer or Android Engineer required.  
  • Experience must include an understanding of testing infrastructure for automated UI tests and end-to-end integration tests for the android. Tests are written in the specialized android testing libraries such as espresso and robolectric.
  • Understanding of database technologies such as MySQL to interact with the API persistence layer.  
  • Experience with the Android release process and Google Play store best practices.

Description of Duties   

  • Create user-facing features for the ClassDojo Android App using the Android SDK. Standardize, implement and maintain frameworks supporting the ClassDojo Android app using java programming language.
  • Use computer science fundamentals to architect a performant, scalable and solid foundation for ClassDojo's Android mobile application.
  • As a mobile feature developer, use required ingenuity and computer science expertise to overcome the constraints on memory resources, CPU resources, low connectivity that are inherent on mobile development platforms.
  • Collaborate with ClassDojo designers on the Android app's user interface, resulting in a clean, beautiful, and consistent experience for the user. The UI design will be required to work on multiple Android device form-factors and hardware profiles, including tablets and large and small phones.
  • Creating robust application code requires experience working XML interface building, integrating with API backends, and communicating between services using HTTPS. Collaborate with API engineers to design an API that will be performant and flexible for mobile clients to consume. Performance emphasis will be placed on the database layer and also the API algorithms which will serve the responses to the Android clients.
  • Ensure the Android app performs as expected and product delivered is loved by its users. Create and maintain testing infrastructure for automated UI tests and end to end integration tests for Android. Tests are written in the specialized Android testing libraries such as Espresso and Robolectric.
  • Create and maintain infrastructure to automate tasks such as continuous builds and deployments. Apply skills and experience with MacOS, Linux and other operating systems to ensure that this infrastructure is performant, reliable and accurate.
  • Manage app releases to the Google Play Store and ensure that the releases are distributed in a timely manner to users. Processes should be put in place to maintain a consistent release cadence and rollout plan.
  • Provides guidance to other developers that look for someone with expertise in Android, Java and algorithm development.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo’s mission is to give teachers, parents, and students the power to create incredible classrooms. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, California, ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that helps students build social-emotional skills while creating a simple way for teachers, parents, and students to share what’s happening during the school day through photos, videos, and messages. We're one of the fastest growing education technology companies of all time, used and loved by millions of teachers, parents and students in 90% of K-8 schools in the US, and 180 other countries.
The Team
We believe focused, talented, non-hierarchical teams can achieve a surprising amount. Our team is made up of engineers, designers, and educators from around the world, with deep backgrounds in public and charter schools, as well as from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Airbnb, Amazon, Y Combinator and more. We’re building a company that will transform education, and one that is the kind of place we’ve all always wanted to work. We believe you’ll do the best work of your life here.
If you're excited about having an impact in education at massive scale, we'd love to hear from you.