Computer Vision Engineer at Octi
Hollywood, CA, US

We are looking for a Computer Vision Engineer with practical experience in Deep learning to join our team. We work in a Linux environment, using C++ and Python, utilizing a wide range of 3rd party tools. We have a fast-paced work ethos and operate as a research team, taking our research a step beyond publication and into production.


Min MS in Computer Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Physics

Strong background in C++, Python and Linux

Strong communication skills(both technical and non - technical)


Design, prototype and assess vision - related algorithms

Fluent in at least one Deep learning framework(Caffe, Keras, Tensorflow)

Implement and assess methods from relevant literature


Portfolio of interactive experiences using ARKit

Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of mobile GPUs for realtime rendering

Familiarity with basics of character rigging

Interest in computer vision libraries

Experience designing gestural experiences for Kinect etc.

Eye for detail in still and animated material.