GNC Engineer at Spire Global
Glasgow, GB

Spire Global, Inc. is a small but swiftly growing technology company that is changing the world with space data and analytics.  Founded in 2012, Spire designs and operates one of the largest satellite constellations in the world (we just celebrated the launch of our 100th satellite), which it uses to gather maritime, aviation, and weather data.  The company owns the entire stack from custom hardware to customer APIs. Operating in four countries across three continents, Spire is a truly international company. We are looking for highly motivated team players who will help us continue to grow on the ground and in space.

We are looking for an experienced GNC Engineer to join our team in Glasgow. As a GNC / AOCS Engineer at Spire, you will operate as part of a technical team who maintains responsibility across the full lifecycle of its engineering products.  The GNC team interfaces directly with many engineering groups to conduct R&D, design, manufacturing, and operations activities, ultimately ensuring all current and future spacecraft systems satisfy their mission.  

Ideal candidates will embrace the commercialisation of nanosatellite systems and adapt to low-cost, fast-paced systems design, development, and implementation methodologies that set Spire apart from our competition. In this fast-paced environment, the design to launch cycle is measured in weeks and months, not years!

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Technical ownership of current and future spacecraft attitude and orbit control software and hardware
  • Project management, coordinating and directing technically challenging projects of both large and small, with many stakeholders
  • Team leadership, managing and coaching a small team, delegating and directing activities
  • Design, model, analyze, integrate and operate attitude determination/estimation systems for small spacecraft
  • Develop and utilize spacecraft dynamics and control simulations, including 'hardware-in-the-loop'
  • Design, evaluate, select, qualify and implement flight sensors, including magnetometers, sun sensors, inertial measurement devices, infrared sensors, and/or star trackers
  • Design, evaluate, select, qualify and implement flight actuators, including magnetic torque elements, reaction wheels, and propulsion systems
  • Be hands-on in laboratory and manufacturing environments during testing, integration, and qualification of flight systems
  • Provide support and analysis for on-orbit operations of spacecraft attitude determination and control systems
  • Work with external contractors, manufacturers, and internal manufacturing staff to improve reliability, yield,  performance, and cost of flight systems.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Extensive experience with a solid foundation in spacecraft attitude dynamics and control algorithms, with emphasis on practical application of knowledge.
  • Have experience designing and/or implementing Kalman filters for attitude estimation
  • Experience with flight sensors for spacecraft attitude determination/estimation
  • Experience developing software using C/Python
  • Have experience or familiarity with the Linux development environment
  • Have experience working with external engineering contractors

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Experience writing flight software
  • Experience with C or C++ development for embedded systems
  • Experience with spacecraft design
  • Experience with spacecraft assembly, integration, and testing
  • Experience with spacecraft operations and maintenance
  • Experience identifying and resolving system anomalies
  • Experience creating and maintaining integration and test campaigns for attitude determination and control systems, including hardware and software