Sr Product Manager - Revenue Growth (Senior/Principal PM+) at ClassDojo
San Francisco, CA, US

ClassDojo’s ultimate goal is to create an education system that gives every child on Earth an education they love. We are doing this by first bringing together communities of teachers, children and families, and then helping each of them create the education experiences their children love.

As a revenue growth PM, you’ll create and monetize products reaching tens of millions of teachers, children and families, building a global consumer education business. You’ll grow ClassDojo to our next major milestone: reach 100 million+ active families, and tens of millions in revenue, while deepening our brand love. 

You’ll do this by rolling up your sleeves to grow and develop our subscription products, and by exploring other revenue-generating opportunities. You’ll lead a team of engineers, researchers, product designers and other cross-functional partners, working together in San Francisco. 


How you’ll make an impact:

  1. Maximize the monetization of our existing products and develop new experiences that support monetization, while also deepening huge brand love
  2. Develop the team’s shared understanding of how to monetize ClassDojo
  3. Mentor your product manager and design peers toward best-in-class product development and monetization
  4. Contribute to our culture of high-freedom, customer-obsessed, consumer science-based cross-functional product development teams

As a product manager you will be involved in every aspect of the product development process, from conception to launch, and ongoing iterative improvements, working at both a strategic and tactical level to create products that teachers, parents, and students love. You’ll turn data, research, and intuition into products that people want and love to use. In the process, you get perspective by exploring divergent directions, converging on feasible, innovative designs, and optimizing for learning each step of the way. Design and ship experiences that are simple and elegant across multiple platforms.

Product leadership: You’ve created and shipped products and led cross-functional teams. You’ve weathered release cycles and know what details matter at each stage, know what’s most likely to go afoul at each stage, can easily translate insights from user studies into meaningful action, and know how to lead teams to get the fit and finish right. You can share several shining examples of real work you've shipped, and what you learned along the way.

Product sense: You thrive best when helping to define the requirements, not just coordinating different functions. You deeply empathize with users and craft experiences that delight them. You facilitate and draw out the best ideas from teammates. You have the ability to think at different levels of resolution: at a high level about good product strategy (not just 'how it should look' but 'what we should build’), all the way down to the specifics of a tactic, and its impact on the bottom line. You are quantitative and analytical, and you know which features can act as force multipliers on your company’s business model. You contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the rest of the product and executive teams.

Communication: You are a clear, structured communicator, whether writing or talking. You like sharing your work, even if it’s still in progress, to bring the team inside of your process. You have a sharp ambiguity filter, and are always seeking to clarify what is unclear for yourself and others.

Craftsmanship: You know that shipping doesn’t end after you release. You work with your teams to ensure a culture of continuous improvement, driven by qualitative and quantitative insights. You give and solicit feedback from teammates in order to continually raise our bar for quality.

Analytical skills: You are at home with data and statistics. You have strong quantitative skills and create and refine hypotheses by exploring user data. You’re excited to iteratively improve metrics and you can write your own SQL to monitor product progress and opportunities.


What you’ll need:

  • Experience growing, optimizing, and monetizing consumer products (subscriptions or marketplaces) 
  • Strong understanding of revenue and growth models, strategies and tactics
  • 5+ years experience in designing, building, and shipping quality, at-scale consumer apps across platforms
  • Strong quantitative skills and comfort with data and statistics, creating/refining hypotheses by exploring user data
  • Conscious or unconscious competence conducting user research and developing strong user understanding via many methods
  • Thrive in resource-constrained environments
  • Structured problem-solving ability
  • Good judgment and strong thought partner for head of product and CEO on product and revenue strategy
  • Move faster than is comfortable - an instigator
  • Clear, concise written and spoken communication

Bonus points:

  • Experience finding product-market fit with revenue products
  • Experience delivering growth-focused KPIs through non-ad acquisition strategies (communities, invitation and referral programs, etc)
  • Experience growing consumer products internationally
  • Experience at a high quality culture tech company