Machine Learning and Data Science Engineer at Squelch
Redwood City, CA, US
The mission of the ML team is to apply advanced data analytical methods (classical NLP and deep learning) to generate insights for Squelch’s customers, particularly in the area of Search/IR. In addition to developing end-to-end machine learning applications, this role
works closely with Squelch’s product and engineering teams to design ML products that drive Squelch’s business. The candidate will also research improvements in data collection, feature engineering, and algorithmic optimization. You will work on implementing your models in production systems and maintaining robust customer-facing data pipelines.
●      Design and implement features and product enhancements that use machine learning to improve customer experiences
●      Enhance Squelch's Semantic Search and related techniques
●      Select, train, and deploy ML models that drive Squelch’s core features
●      Track the latest developments in NLP/ML research with a view towards leveraging these in production
●      Maintain, update, and extend Squelch’s Machine Learning Platform
●      Collaborate with Engineering and Product teams to develop a roadmap for existing and new ML pipelines
●      Instill a spirit of continuous improvement in the team’s code, architecture, and processes
●      Work with your team to define the company’s vision for a data warehouse architecture
Required Skills
●      Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, preferably in a field that has very applicable use of data science / machine learning techniques (e.g. statistics, applied math, computer science, OR a science field with direct statistics application)
●      5+ years experience developing data intensive analytics and machine learning applications
●      Fluent in data fundamentals: SQL, data manipulation using a procedural language, statistics, experimentation, and modelling.
●      Strong quantitative and analytical skills with minimum 3 years of experience with data science tools, including familiarity and experience with the scientific Python toolset: numpy, scipy, sklearn, etc.
● Expertise in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and data mining techniques.
● Extra points for knowledge of Search & I/R concepts such as topic modeling, keywords, synonyms, document similarities, adaptive ranking, and alike
● Experience developing applications & pipelines. Additional point for using Java
● Additional points for Experience with AWS, kubernetes, docker, and ElasticSearch
●      Ability to work independently and deliver results on-time
●      Ability to communicate complex ideas in machine learning to non-technical stakeholders
●      Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills
About Squelch
Squelch helps optimize the customer experience by equipping post-sales support and success teams with the technology they need to perform at their best. We believe these agents are a company's heroes, engaging in key customer interactions where speed, knowledge, and empathy go a long way toward defining the customer relationship. By empowering these heroes with the right information at the right time, our software solution improves both employee and customer satisfaction.