San Francisco, CA, US

In this position, you’ll be responsible for building a framework and algorithms that integrate and operate on computer vision outputs. You’ll need to be confident in your work, ready to make independent decisions, and comfortable with a fast-paced iteration cycle.


Build a framework for large-scale, distributed processing of computer vision outputs

Design and develop API’s part of the developer facing interfaces

Design and develop algorithms that operate on computer vision outputs

Produce unit, functional, integration and interoperability tests, including automating tests when possible

Write technical documents, including architecture diagrams and API descriptions

Work with computer vision researchers, engineers, and embedded software developers to coordinate feature development

Work with customer developers to integrate their applications into the stack

- Fluent in C++
- Experience in robotics, simulations or 3D development
- Experience in computer vision and/or image processing
- Ability to think in six-degree of freedom transforms
- Experience on projects that involve 3D logic and systems-level thinking
- Knowledge of dense reconstruction algorithms and/or 3D pose estimation/tracking is a plus

MS or higher in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering