Product Development Intern at Stance
San Clemente, CA, US

Our goal is to create a culture where smart, ambitious, and positive people can thrive. We value our community and want to improve our local schools, neighborhoods, and businesses.  People are the most important element of our business. Our actions, words, and relationships represent what we believe and what we value. Since culture is the collective nature of the people working at Stance, we place a premium on the environment that fosters freedom and accountability across both individual and community levels. 




Personal Responsibility


These are the values we place above all others. We seek out individuals whose personal constitution of values overlaps with ours. We believe in living these values will bond our teams and create a company culture that our competitors can never duplicate. As a result, we hire and promote the individuals who get results in a way that aligns with our five core company values. 

Stance has an Internship program that continues to grow and develop.  Currently we are seeking an intern for a 12 week program in our product development department. This is a full time position with 30 weekly hours and school credit. We value drive, culture, and personality first, and then skill-sets and experience second.  The Stance culture is all about freedom and accountability. We’re on a very fast paced growth trajectory and are actively entering new markets. Stance only brings on like-minded individuals—people who fit our culture, understand good product, and have a healthy sense of humor.  Unravel the spool of convention and be a part of bringing an “uncommon” product to life. 

Position Summary:

The mission of the Product Development intern is to effectively assist the entire team in the product development process from initial tech pack creation to final PPS approval. The daily responsibilities vary which makes this position constantly new and exciting. 

As the Product Development intern, you will: 

  • Create tech packs and product files
  • Measure and spec garments to ensure they are being made in accordance to our spec standards
  • Make sample comments and build comment sheet PDFs with images and sketches for clarity in direction and corrective actions
  • Manage due dates and deadlines while keeping all team members updated on your project progress 
  • Track and coordinate samples including shipping and receiving
  • Utilize a seasonal comment sheet to communicate effectively with the vendors.
  • Build and maintain trim and knit libraries
  • Feel empowered to come up with creative solutions and new processes that might help the team be more efficient
  • Utilize creativity to offer other departments such as the design or merch team a support system to effectively execute designs
  • Partner with the innovation and testing teams to find solutions to any problems found during the sample process.  
  • Communicate and work closely with the merchandisers at our factories including regular skype calls and emails.
  • Schedule and facilitate all fit sessions with the fit models.  Including Virtual Fit sessions with vendors overseas
  • Initiate and manage special projects outside of the normal scope of daily work
  • Lead by example, you create followership, you inspire, and you are an eternal optimist.
  • Be a problem solver who is calm and collected under pressure and who has a bias for action.
  • Embrace both freedom and accountability.  You seek continuous improvement and are respectful and considerate to colleagues. 
  • Special projects or other tasks as needed 

Key Characteristics

  • Entrepreneurial – Ability to excel in an environment of freedom and accountability.  Sets initiatives and assumes tolerable levels of risk.
  • Detail oriented – Demands accuracy of the smallest technical details.
  • Creative – Passion for evolving and constantly changing product lines, suppliers, and materials.
  • Persistent - Ability to negotiate with suppliers to execute products in accordance to our company’s expectations.  Resolute in standing behind our company’s vision and values. 
  • Organized – Consistent commitment to accurate calendars, samples, development WIPs, etc.
  •  Responsible – Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Recognizes mistakes and takes accountability. Sees problems as opportunities for growth and innovation.

Additional Qualifications

  1. Proficient Microsoft Office skills; particularly Excel
  2. Proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.
  3. Must be a licensed driver and have access to a car