Developer Advocate at Lightbend
New York City, NY, US

This job posting is open to all North America, not specifically NYC.


As a Developer Advocate for Lightbend, your job is to inspire and equip developers to convince the world to build streaming data applications. Stream data processing is about more than just extracting information faster. It’s about embracing wholesale change in how we build data-centric applications. As organizations wrestle with adopting streaming technology, they discover that streaming applications have the same requirements for availability, scalability, and resilience that microservices require. Conversely, successful organizations building microservices need to integrate intelligence gleaned from streams into their applications. At the same time, these organizations are adopting cloud-native architectures, like Kubernetes, to provide a foundation for integrating data and microservice systems. This means you are not only excited about data, but you also have a solid understanding of the big picture of streaming data systems and microservices working together, leveraging Lightbend’s unique ability to bridge these worlds. 


Your core knowledge areas should center around the technologies that developers have to use to build next-generation streaming data applications. This includes the Lightbend open source projects (especially Akka Streams), Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Apache Flink. A solid basic understanding of Kubernetes as the underlying foundation is also necessary.




  • Creating technical content for publication on our blogs and other channels to show developers how to implement specific solutions or use our technologies.
  • Speaking and sharing expertise at user groups and conferences.
  • Educating and empowering developers, giving technical workshops, developing online tutorials, and delivering webinars. 
  • Writing production-quality code and contributing to Lightbend demos and other projects that help developer adoption.
  • Building partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations that serve our joint communities.
  • Connecting and networking with other developers and entrepreneurs to identify how Lightbend might help them be even more awesome.
  • Gathering and socializing product feedback that will inform Engineering, Sales, and Marketing decision making.
  • Work with Product Management on future directions and help socialize beta features with selected communities.
  • Work with PM, Engineering, Professional Services, and GSA to define and implement demos and samples
  • Work within our guidelines on all of our social channels.



A Lightbend Developer Advocate should be a software development professional with professional experience in streaming data applications. Strong communication skills are also essential to serve in this role. 


  • Leadership and service in developer communities.
  • Strong technical writing skills demonstrated via blog posts and other written work.
  • Social and hustling skills - a lot of great connections and opportunities are discovered simply by getting out and talking to people. This is something you should be able to do well.
  • Public speaking experience or aptitude is essential for inspiring developers. A developer advocate needs to deliver presentations and demos that are effective and respectful of an audience's time and attention.
  • Friendly and approachable people do well as the teachers and mentors we're looking for.
  • Willingness to extensively travel to anywhere our developer communities live, and stay productive and professional on the road.
  • Ability to work irregular hours and some weekends to support hackathons, conferences, user groups, and other developer events.
  • Willingness to learn and work in a very dynamic environment.
  • See ambiguity as an opportunity to positively influence the roadmap of the department 
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural, highly remote team spread over 5 countries and timezones


What We Offer:


Lightbend is a welcoming, transparent, and highly distributed company dedicated to creating high-performance systems that bring success to all who use them.  With a strong focus on work-life balance, our company offers a fast-paced, collaborative environment mixed with challenging and engaging work.  This combination has attracted and retained some of the brightest minds in our technology communities. 


Lightbend is an Equal Opportunity Employer