Flight Controls Engineer at Elroy Air
San Francisco, CA, US
At Elroy Air we're building autonomous cargo aircraft systems that expand the reach of express logistics and deliver goods to the world’s most remote places. We are currently bringing together a world class team of engineers, roboticists, & designers to realize our vision of autonomous cargo delivery.
As a flight controls engineer at Elroy Air, you will own the autopilot design for one of the world’s first full-scale autonomous cargo aircraft - and then watch it fly. Specifically, you will be responsible for the design, implementation and test of key guidance, estimation, and flight control algorithms onboard. Your responsibilities extend to building and applying high-fidelity models of our aircraft to ensure the robustness and performance throughout its flight envelope. You will work closely with team members in avionics, software, autonomy, and flight test to ensure the seamless integration of your developed algorithms. 
This position is full-time at our headquarters in San Francisco.
What you’ll own:
-The design, implementation, verification and deployment of guidance, navigation and control algorithms on board of Elroy’s full scale autonomous cargo aircraft.
-The development of linear & non-linear simulations of our aircraft’s entire flight envelope using both experimental system identification, CFD predictions, and physics-based modeling techniques.
-Application of proven analysis and model-based design techniques to optimize our control laws for desired stability and performance characteristics.
-The development, implementation and test of contingency strategies to ensure safe and predictable system response during off-nominal flight conditions.
-Architecting and supporting the implementation of our autopilot software in close collaboration with our avionics and flight software engineers.
-Experimental verification of the developed algorithms by supporting and participating in flight tests.
Our ideal candidate has:
-5+ years of hands-on experience designing, implementing, and deploying guidance, navigation, and control algorithms on large-scale aerial platforms.
-Experience identifying, modeling and simulating complex, ideally aerial, systems.
-Strong background in common controls analysis, design and implementation tools & programming languages ( Matlab/Simulink, Python, C++, etc.)
-Familiarity with common flight control stability & performance requirement sources (ADS-33, MIL-F-9490, MIL-STD-1797, etc.) .
-The ability to work and thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
Bonus points for:
-Previous experience modeling, analyzing, and controlling VTOL or hybrid aircraft.
-Experience implementing path & motion planning algorithms for complex dynamic systems.
-Familiarity with safety-critical coding standards and guidelines (JSF++, MISRA, AUTOSAR, etc.).
-Familiarity with aviation software certification standards & processes (e.g. DO-178C).