Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack at Color
Burlingame, CA, US
Color believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality information they can use to improve and maintain their health. We are transforming how clinical-grade genetic testing is done by removing financial, educational, and geographic barriers. Our goal is to expand physician-supported access to genetic testing to help every person, everywhere understand their risk for hereditary disorders.
Color is a modern health service that applies expertise in robotics, genomics, software and design to a crucial healthcare challenge: preventing or detecting conditions where early knowledge can improve health outcomes and reduce treatment costs. Color’s affordable, clinical-grade genetic tests help people understand their risk for hereditary cancer and heart conditions - knowledge that they and their doctors can use to create personalized health plans.
Color's full-stack/generalist engineers enjoy building all kinds of systems and tools. No background or expertise in biology/genetics is required. Some engineers prefer working on the backend, and some don’t have a preference: there’s a large degree of flexibility and diversity of challenges.
This is a senior-level position, suitable for those with experience building complex software as part of a high-performing team.

You will:


    • Design and build novel products and features to address long-standing problems in healthcare and genetics.
    • Improve the quality, reliability, and speed of our core products and services.
    • Propose and implement changes to our data models, core architecture, and codebase.
    • Partner closely with product, design, data science, and our scientific teams to build cutting-edge, clinical-grade genetic tests and services.

You might be a good fit if:


    • You’re passionate about using software and technology to help save lives and prevent catastrophic disease. You want to apply your skills in the service of a greater mission.
    • You believe in craft and pragmatism: solving the problem at hand with the best tools for the job. Today we do most of our work in Python (Django) and a few popular JavaScript frameworks (Angular and React).
    • You've learned through experience that “all code is liability,” and heavily emphasize reuse of existing packages.
    • You've spent the first years of your career mastering complexity, but are always striving for more simplicity. You've built and launched numerous products and systems that you're proud of.
    • You are excited about collaborating with scientists/domain experts across Color’s organization
    • You have strong opinions (loosely held) about modern web app architecture, including the benefits/challenges of microservices and client-side frameworks like Angular/React
    • You work best in a collaborative development environment, giving/receiving feedback on code reviews and designs to help the team sharpen its thinking and practices.
    • You are intrinsically motivated, able to execute independently (while being proactive about seeking input from colleagues).
    • You're confident coding in Python, and you have familiarity building with git, cloud environments like AWS, modern web frameworks like Django, and frontend JavaScript frameworks like Angular or React. You're familiar with microservice stacks and modern web standards (HTML5, CSS3, ES6).
    • You enjoy developing your skills at operations and infrastructure: AWS configuration, deploys/container management, build/dependency management systems, continuous integration, persistent datastore layers, et al.
    • You maintain a high bar for quality of code and work aggressively to eliminate unnecessary duplication and awkward workarounds. You're passionate about rigorous engineering practices and discipline: code reviews, automated testing, CI/CD, etc.

Projects you might tackle include:


    • Expand our accessible, collaborative family history experience, allowing distant relatives to collaborate on collecting and building their family's detailed history of cancer/heart disease. Any two individuals should only see the portion of their tree which they share in common, and conflicting claims must be carefully managed.
    • Roll out a new genetic test for an important health condition like cancer or heart disease, from ordering to fulfillment to detailed, personalized genetic results
    • Build visually engaging experiences to share non-clinical genetic insights like wellness and ancestry
    • Build information management systems and workflows for physicians who rely on Color for their medical practice, or for HR benefits managers at companies who offer subsidized testing to their employees
    • Design a novel service/app to help Color's clients manage their health and take actions to reduce their risk of major diseases.
Color is an equal opportunity employer. In accordance with anti-discrimination law, it is the purpose of this policy to effectuate these principles and mandates. Color prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type and affords equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Color conforms to the spirit as well as to the letter of all applicable laws and regulations.