Principal Product Manager at Deep Sentinel
Pleasanton, CA, US
We are seeking an awesome experienced product manager (5+ years experience of product management) to join our small team in building an amazing product & solution utilizing all the killer bells and whistles: deep learning, hybrid-cloud, big data, etc. The main function of the Principal Product Manager is to work with the product and engineering teams both domestically and internationally, spanning from UX and software to firmware and hardware. This team engineers, tests, and delivers Deep Sentinel products from prototype through mass production. The principal product manager own products internally including product strategy, product management, and product delivery and support.

The right candidate gains the greatest satisfaction from building amazing technology, and seeing it thrive in the hands of customers.

Responsibilities (in order)

Product ownership: Owning the prioritization, development and clarification of customer-facing requirements. These requirements may exist at a system level, or at the nitty-gritty of an individual key component in the UX, back-end-software, analytics, firmware or hardware. Great new products must have this alignment into the deepest layers of detail of the customer experience.
Development coordination: Realizing these products entails coordinating the feedback and resources of our in-house software/hardware teams and bringing in point-solution expertise as needed. Issue escalation, fine-grained prioritization and risk management
UX end-to-end: Deep Sentinel UX must be designed with an unrelenting focus on long-term customer retention. The UX must reinforce that long-term value and ensure a wonderful seamless user experience from onboarding to daily usage.

Customer Self-Support: The best products require the least customer support, but even great products require support. When customer support is needed, it is deeply integrated and seamless with the product experience--not disjoint. The customer care agent should have effective access and interfaces into the product/system such that they know the customer’s state/issues and are able to see and understand the customer’s experience.

Leveraging a world-class team: This is one of the coolest parts of this role--getting to work with our advisory team which includes some of world-renowned product and UX experts, with our internal team, and our partners to bring together a cohesive product vision and strategy.

Rich consumer-facing product portfolio: Great consumer launches, lessons-learned and best practices for launching, iterating and supporting great consumer products. 5+ years product management experience. Any path is totally good: coming up the ranks in product, in from Engineering or out of Marketing.

Experience with hardware products (preferably consumer): We will be working with both domestic and international suppliers and partners to deliver our hardware components. The right candidate will have experience with this environment and know what it takes to deliver high quality.

The Start-Up mentality: The right candidate considers herself/himself to be a “get-er-done” type of person and is looking to have a huge impact at a small company. Hard work is a must, so the right person exudes positive life-giving energy from solving hard problems, working hands-on with her team. Most of all the right person gets the most energy from doing things others consider impossible. We’re going to keep the team small for the time being (lean startup mode FTW) so you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and do everything from requirements to customer support calls to executive-level debates. (PS Good news–the whole team will be like this too, and that’s the best type of team to be on.)