Senior Android Engineer at Tally Technologies
Vancouver City, British Columbia, CA / San Francisco, CA, US
Tally makes people less stressed and better off financially.  Currently at Series C with $92MM in funding, we are a team that is democratizing financial services to put billions of dollars back in people’s pockets. Tally built the first fully automated debt manager to help people overcome credit card debt and provides a completely free automated savings service, Tally Save. Tally’s vision is to automate people’s entire financial lives so they can worry about money less and do what they love more.
Our Android team takes on broad ownership at Tally: strategically driving building processes, tooling, and technical architecture.  At Tally, our android development has a strong voice and when faced with building things fast or right, we always lean towards quality.
Core technologies are Kotlin and Java. Our team leverages RESTful APIs.

Role impact:

    • Collaborate with all dev teams to build new features and their integration with back-end services while maintaining existing features and being a force of proposition for architecture improvements.
    • Build robust, maintainable code to support a rapidly evolving product.
    • Work closely with Product and Design teams to drive product direction.
    • Design lightweight mobile APIs.
    • Explore and advocate for the latest architectural trends in order to keep Tally android technology innovative and relevant.
    • Develop with testing in mind and leverage testing frameworks in order to produce consistent, high-quality features.
    • Understand product requirements beyond the written word and take pride in crafting intuitive and delightful experiences on mobile.

In this role we value:

    • Industry experience building Android applications in Java using the Android SDK.
    • Deep technical knowledge of the Android SDK and its design patterns.
    • Experience participating in the full lifecycle of Android apps: building from early stages, shipping through the Google Play store or other Android stores, maintaining and iterating throughout product and business growth.
A message from our leadership:
"One of our core values at Tally is 'Change shoes often.' We do this with our peers and our customers every day, and we want candidates to share in our commitment to empathy.  Empathy really is the foundation of inclusion, and Tally prides itself in being a company that prioritizes inclusion and diversity. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace culture where people are included and treated equitably."
Jason Brown, Cofounder and CEO