Decision Scientist at CommerceIQ
Bangalore, IN

Imagine the questions you could answer and the impact you could have if only you had access to sales and inventory data for many of the top consumer brands selling on Amazon.  If this possibility excites you, then keep reading because at CommerceIQ we not only spend our days wading through massive quantities of ecommerce data, our analysts use it to drive millions of dollars of incremental sales for our customers.  Our software makes sales, operations and marketing decisions for our customers but we are looking for an analyst to help customers get a lot more value out of the software. 


We are looking for a Decision Scientist with a highly entrepreneurial mindset with an ambition to create an analyst center of excellence. We are a young and growing company and this is going to be our first product analyst role in Bangalore. The position is critical for success of our customers who are exclusively based in USA and hence this person will be expected to travel as well.


The role is centered around understanding and delivering analytical solutions using the CommerceIQ Platform, which translates to the following capabilities:

  1. Business problem solving:

    1. Understand the interplay between various data sources, CommerceIQ platform and customer needs.  Understand customer context in depth and translate it to outputs. Wear the business hat and present a point of view within a team of engineers, data scientists and data services team that ensures the final solution fits the business needs and is in a position to generate tangible impact to the customer.

    2. Ability to drive and present insightful approaches to better ecommerce decisions independently: Have strong hypothesis, understand the data needed to conduct the analysis, perform the analysis, synthesize the outputs to an executive friendly format

  2. Technical expertise:

    1. Our products require technical expertise in manipulating large volumes of data into usable format through the extensive use of SQL, R ( and Python optional) to ensure that we can flexibly meet client requirements.

    2. Further expertise is needed to develop and deploy complex dashboards in Tableau to meet customers customized needs.

  3. Leadership: Everyday, sometimes every hour counts. Customer success is an obsession at CommerceIQ and the analyst would play the point person for the end quality and timely delivery of the solution. The role needs high ownership and leadership skills to rally a team from different departments, manage work dependencies from different contributors to successfully deliver the project.


Required Qualifications:


  • Extensive experience with data manipulation using SQL, moderate experience with analytical tools like R or Python, and moderate expertise in data visualization through Tableau

  • 2-4 years of prior experience both performing and structuring advanced analyses independently

  • Successful stint at a prior fast paced work environment (start-ups, consulting etc.)

  • Desire to get into the most granular details of technical/ implementation/ operational issues and being an individual contributor.

  • Bachelor’s degree required.

  • Reasonable understanding of statistical methods and basic understanding of data sciences. 

  • Experience in developing and maintaining measurement metrics and standardized outcome metrics based on business requirements


Preferred Qualifications: (in addition to required)


  • Master’s degree in Analytics, Data sciences, or any quantitative discipline,

  • Experience with ecommerce analytics is a huge plus

  • High proficiency in building Tableau dashboards and executive friendly deliverables for business needs and to aid decision making

  • Proficient in the application of Statistical Methods

  • Prior start-up experience highly preferred.