Backend Engineer at Tally Technologies
Vancouver City, British Columbia, CA / San Francisco, CA, US
Tally makes people less stressed and better off financially.  Currently at Series C with $92MM in funding, we are a team that is democratizing financial services to put billions of dollars back in people’s pockets. Tally built the first fully automated debt manager to help people overcome credit card debt and provides a completely free automated savings service, Tally Save. Tally’s vision is to automate people’s entire financial lives so they can worry about money less and do what they love more.
As a Platform Engineer, you’ll work across a broad scope of Tally’s backend and API platforms. You'll embrace functional-programming as you strive to write clean, testable code that is effective and secure. You will write new internal and external facing API’s, as well as consume external services. You'll be working in a highly-concurrent platform where quality and reliability matter. You'll learn to rapidly deploy Web API’s and Platform API’s without sacrificing testability and quality.
Our technology uses Scala-at-large to build discreet services and servers to make credit card automation look simple.
Core Technologies:
Scala, micro-services, Spray, Akka, Finagle/Thrift, Slick, Postgres, Redis, AWS, Push Notifications, SSL, Identity Management, Concurrency 

About You

    • You are highly interested in functional-programming
    • You know how to collaborate well with other software engineers in diagnosing, fixing, and preventing production issues
    • You thrive in writing RESTful APIs and the backend systems that implement them. Understanding of micro-services architectures and RPC patterns is a plus
    • You can embrace distributed reactive systems
    • You can get comfortable with Linux based servers and learn to diagnose network related issues
    • You have a healthy appreciation of security principals and work hard to protect the consumer’s data
    • You constantly challenge yourself for continuous improvement
    • You are comfortable with relational and key-value databases
    • You understand product requirements beyond the written word and take pride in building resilient and maintainable code to support a rapidly evolving product


    • You have a BS degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
    • You have 3+ years of general software programming experience
A message from our leadership:
"One of our core values at Tally is 'Change shoes often.' We do this with our peers and our customers every day, and we want candidates to share in our commitment to empathy.  Empathy really is the foundation of inclusion, and Tally prides itself in being a company that prioritizes inclusion and diversity. We’re dedicated to creating a workplace culture where people are included and treated equitably."
Jason Brown, Cofounder and CEO