Junior Industrial Designer at Elroy Air
San Francisco, CA, US
At Elroy Air, we are building autonomous cargo aircraft systems that will change the way the world moves goods. Transporting cargo by air can be much faster than by land or sea - but before recent developments in perception, autonomy, electric powertrain and aerospace materials, air transport has remained too expensive. We’re going to change that. And we’re solving a big problem - the express logistics industry worldwide spends $140B annually. 
The Elroy team has a proven track record in UAVs and drones, with veterans from 3D Robotics, Airware and Honeywell forming the founding and early team. We’ve started (and sold) hardware companies before. We are engineers, designers and product people who are obsessed with creating robust, easy-to-use technology that solves big real-world problems. This isn’t our first rodeo, but there’s a lot of exciting work ahead. You will play a critical part in developing & testing the Elroy Air system. 
Our future partners and customers are responding enthusiastically. As we prepare to pilot our vehicles with customers, we are looking for people like you: motivated teammates excited by this mission and by the rare opportunity to develop a world-class autonomous air transport system. 
There are a lot of jobs out there that you could easily get, we know that. But - speaking without humility for a second - few will be nearly as exciting as this. Come join us!
This is a full-time position at our headquarters in San Francisco, CA.
What you'll own: As a Junior Industrial Designer, you will enable the development and marketing of Elroy Air’s production aircraft and associated systems.  You will assist in generating promotional materials, documentation, prototyping, UX, and concept development. Additionally, you will assist in the fabrication and integration of vehicles and test equipment. 
The Junior Industrial Engineer has a varied and exciting range of responsibilities:
-Helping to develop both internal and external materials for communication and design - including sketches, renders, animations
-Helping lead discussions via whiteboard communication and rapid visualization
-Developing forms and integrating those forms with the various aircraft components in a CAD environment
-Updating CAD and create shop drawings as needed to make parts more produce-able
-Adding/finishing aircraft design details, brackets, braces, hardware mounting points
-Building an array of tests which validate cargo handling or aerospace innovations
-Printing/Machining/Hacking any and all objects necessary to craft both looks-like & works-like machines, housings, structures, fairings, & more 
-Building an array of vehicle components, vehicle subassemblies, test equipment, jigs, fixtures, cradles and more based on program and field testing needs
-Working with design, engineering, and shop teams to execute designs and experiments
Vendor Management:
-Working with prototyping & manufacturing partners that will best meet our program needs to get quotes and place orders as needed
-Checking-in and/or visiting with vendors as needed to ensure that program needs and timeframe goals are met as needed
-Organizing pick-up and delivery of parts and assemblies that are made offsite by fabrication partners as needed

Our Ideal Candidate

    • Has 1-2 years of Industrial Design experience related to pertaining to vehicle design or robotic systems
    • Has a full stack of sketching and visualization abilities.
    • Has experience developing vehicles, robots, or associated components 
    • Has the ability to “turn a wrench” and maintain an obsessive level of craft across many mediums
    • Is well-versed in a wide variety of production and development processes including but not limited to machining, 3D printing, waterjet and laser cutting, welding, castings, injection molding, gluing & bonding, etc...

Bonus Points

    • SolidWorks CAD experience
    • Abilities and experience with on-location photo/video
    • Abilities and experience with animation/rendering
    • Past experience developing parts and structures for weight-constrained applications
    • Past experience developing parts and structures involving large structural composite vehicles/robots/etc…